05.25.2011 12:21 PM

Tim Hudak is a dirty rotten traitor and should go run in Boston, where he belongs


  1. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Hey Mr. Hudak, dont be coming out to the Left coast anytime soon…..yer tar and feathers await!…….

  2. Transplanted Doerite says:

    I don’t know Tim Hudak, or know anything about him, but based on media clips alone, he seems shifty to me. Was he a used car salesman?

    And, he seems to suffer from the Nixon five-o’clock shadow problem.

  3. nastyboy says:

    ABC….anyone but Canucks.

  4. wassup says:

    Wassup Senior loved the Bruins in the 1970s, just like the one million Maritimers who now live in Ontario… and VOTE!

    As for the Granola Crunchers on the Wrong Coast…. Even Looooooooooooooooooooooo can’t save you.

  5. Bill M. says:

    Bruins have 17 Canadians on their roster, Nucks have 16.

    Go Bruins!

    Hudak’s still a goof.

  6. Ted says:


    Canada’s only truly successful NHL hockey team?


    The Habs!

  7. Jason says:

    Hey Warren, I’ll keep an eye out for a response on my question. Please respond, because I don’t currently understand.

    I have been watching what Alfred Apps has been saying to the media about having the Liberal leadership race later rather than sooner, and also that the interim leader shouldn’t be allowed to be a candidate in that election. This makes sense to me. The Liberal Party has some time now that there is a majority government.

    What are the reasons you are against such a proposal?

  8. Paul R Martin says:

    Boston is a nice place to visit. I am trying to remember which former political leader moved her from Boston. Drat! I just can’t remember whom.

  9. The Doctor says:

    Actually Warren, this is the first thing about Hudak that you’ve ever posted that I’ve ever liked. Canucks have too many non-Canadian stars on the team for me to get behind them. Tampa Bay, in contrast, has awesome Canadian talent (Vinny, St. Louis, Stamkos, Gagne). Sharks had 4 Canadian Olympians. As somebody posted above, Bruins have more Canadians on their roster than the Canucks. I live here, and I see no reason to cheer for a bunch of foreign-born carpetbaggers. It’s like calling Chelsea an English football team. They aren’t.

  10. ‘Just visiting’ Tim?

  11. Take Dead Aim says:

    I have lived and worked in and around Toronto my entire life. I have immediate family that stretches from Lethbridge Alberta to Sydney Nova Scotia.

    i’ve been to every province in this wonderful country, and one thing (of many) that i’ve learned in this lifetime of Canadian travel is that a HUGE percentage of hockey fans in this country are “anyone but Toronto” fans. And they’re not even shy about it. They need no encouragement at all to come out and say that Toronto could be playing Satan’s Kitten Killers in the finals and they’d be cheering for a Leaf loss in 4 straight.

    So forgive the ‘circle the wagon’ mentality, but enough of the expectation that i should be cheering for all things Canadian when too often that street is only one way.

    PS: yes, lots of jokes about the Leafs never making the finals to follow. i get it.

  12. Transplanted Doerite says:

    Boo hoo

  13. A.Bo says:

    Brad Carf?

    New to me.

    I remember Brad Park though…

  14. gray says:

    Let the Eastern Bastards freeze in the dark !

    Go Canucks.

  15. Miles Lunn says:

    Good way to ensure none of the BC transplants in Ontario vote PC in the upcoming provincial election, even this will turn off some of your die hard right wingers. Bad bad move.

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