05.28.2011 08:40 PM

Tim Hudak’s pl(a)n



If he can’t spell “education,” um, what else is he getting wrong?



  1. JenS says:

    Please, please tell me that’s Photoshopped.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eduction rhymes with erection, and it focus groups well. So there.

  3. Ian Young says:

    Lol! A portmanteau of ‘education’ and ‘induction’ perhaps?

    Progressive Conservative mantra:

    All your children are belong to us…

    • Roger Curtis says:

      Hmmm, perhaps spelling education ‘eduction’ represents a Freudian slip. They were probably thinking ‘reduction’!

  4. Sean says:

    that might be “the ad”. says so much with so little.

  5. Subversive Sue says:

    Remember, Hudak was part of a government that appointed a Grade 11 drop-in Minister of Training, Colleges & Universities. Hudak doesn`t have to know how to spell education since he plans to wreck it — or should I say reck it.

  6. MCBellecourt says:

    Now. This. Is. Seriously. Funny.

    Thanks, Mr. K. I really, really needed this.

  7. Bill M. says:

    Maybe he was at a geology seminar.

  8. Eduction: the reduction in education.

    “Tim Hudak is against Ontario students learning about his sex eduction.”

  9. Cath says:

    This is what we get when generations of politicians and their staff were raised on a steady diet of whole-language instruction.
    A perfect poster for Hudak’s plank for K-3 phonics instruction, and a very stupid mistake.

  10. wannabeapiper says:

    Went to a Zumba Party last night (a Latin dancing 2 hour cardiacarrestapolooza), I was the worst. I surveyed more people-all women during a 15 minute break in a 2 hour exercise program that purtineer killed me, anyway, the majority of those polled, like the idea of criminals working in someone elses neighbourhood. They like the idea of perverts wearing GPS in someone elses neighbourhood.
    So what does this mean? Well I think it will eventually mean they don’t like the policy and will vote against it. But it will take awhile for the penny-to-drop, they need a bit of education and a real opportunity to think about the implications.

    The allure of a crime and punishment agenda within a retributive culture, who may feel the courts are a “revolving door and a slap on the wrist” place of judicial inequity is really hard to fight. As an aside, I had a beer or two at the Legion prior to the Zumba Terror Session and guess what, every member at the legion at that time ( 48 of them ) like Hudak’s crime and punishment policy. BUT-they all said the success of the program is in supervision and NONE of them believed the Tories would fund it appropriately and all thought the program would fail-interesting ain’t it! Furthermore, no one liked the way judges were appointed.

    • Yes – I can see that. Their reaction is understandable, who doesn’t want to see those convicted of crime do their time in more than a leisurely way? This is knee jerk reaction to a propaganda message designed to divide us. There’s no hard numbers to support the proposal on the basis of recidivism or cost efficiencies, at least none offered by the proponents so far.

      It’s all about getting the average person good and riled up because they’re already feeling helpless and forgotten: big banks making great profits, folks losing their jobs and/or their homes because of Wall/Bay Street greed, big oil making record profits and the price at the pump keeps going up. Helpless and forgotten.

      No wonder people latch on to such notions – there’s a lot of s-eduction in the message.

  11. Craig Chamberlain says:


    A wise person once told me to throw in the odd spelling mistake in a policy doc. Critics will focus/ fixate on the spelling mistake and the thrust of your argument goes forward unexamined.

    Seems that it worked here.

  12. Golfrgrl says:

    Just an idea Warren. I am not a techie so can’t do it, but Christine M has a screen shot of the full slide up that c
    Should put all the conjecture about whether this is photoshopped to rest.

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