05.16.2011 11:46 AM

Timmy Hudak, in his own words

[From a scrum he did at the Ontario legislature earlier today.]

Reporter: You’ve got some cracks showing in, I guess, your solidarity.  You have one of your members [Frank Klees] who is trying to make money off this deal.  You have have a former candidate, Mark Mullins from the Dundas area, saying you’re irresponsible for dumping all over this green energy plan. We have [MPP] Toby Barrett telling people you better get in there now and take advantage of these contracts before [Hudak] ends them. I mean, there’s a mixed message there – you’ve got your own members, former members, saying that it is a good deal and you shouldn’t be trying to destroy it.

Tim Hudak: I just disagree with the premise of the question.



  1. chris says:

    I have two words for Tim…Stu pid.

  2. RN200 says:

    Dalton, in his own words – “I promise no new taxes”

    ’nuff said.

  3. Attack! says:

    And that skilful deflection was AFTER Timmy rehearsed all night, under Karl Rove’s tutelage:

    “I reject that questions have premises.” (Er, no, scratch that; I mean, I assert that…)

    “I premise the rejection of questions.” (Er, no; I just do that.)

    “I question the premise of rejections.” (Seriously: why don’t they like me?)

    “I am even rejected by questionable premises.”

  4. Jason Hickman says:

    Herb Gray had a *great* parliamentary career using just that response!

    • thegrumpydwarf says:

      Hey buddy, the 70’s called and they want their political commentary back.

      Seriously, Herb Gray?

  5. Adam Mercer says:

    Timmy disagrees with a lot of premises, if he agrees with Mike Harris. Mike thought we all wanted to see services cut in health care and education. Mike thought we all wanted to see water safety funding cut to the point that people got sick. Mike thought we wanted to have native issues dealt with by the police rather than negotiators. Mike thought we all wanted a four lane highway to North Bay (OK so I went to school up there and don’t mind that one. lol) I think anyone who believes in strong public funding for necessities like health care and education should be worried.

  6. Harry V. Jayjay says:

    boring. snore. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Warren, I understand that October 6 is the next election battle for Ontario Liberals, but how about a bit more commentary on the current federal Liberal rebuilding / renewal efforts? There is a lot at stake here with the interim leadership and permanent leadership unresolved, to say nothing of the apparent continuation of the Rule of the non-elected LPC Executive Elites who brought us to this impasse. Ignatieff had the decency to go. What about the national executive?

    • RN200 says:

      The LPC Executive Elites? Are you complaining about the elites who run the elites and suggesting they should quit because they aren’t as smart as they think they are? I think my irony meter just exploded…

  8. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Green energy plan?

    Or simply government dumping yet another ton of “green” down the same ol’ toilet?

    Out here in BC our government is forcing already struggling school boards and hospitals to spend tons of “green” buying carbon offsets so that the government (a Liberal one) can boast that our medical and education systems are CO2 neutral.

    F**king carbon offsets from Encana instead of hiring teachers and nurses.

    Who was it who used to say, “You just can’t make up shit like this!”

    Oh, yeah…

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