05.21.2011 09:11 AM

Timmy Hudak is making it up as he goes along

It’s all well and fine for Progressive Conservative boss Tim Hudak to promise, if elected premier on Oct. 6, removal of the provincial portion of the harmonized sales tax (HST) from hydro and heating bills.

Hudak would also remove the debt retirement charge from home hydro bills, if elected.

The question is, where will Hudak get the $1.2 billion in lost HST revenues?

And how will the $14.8 billion in hydro debt be paid off?


  1. 5 hours after your initial comment I see no answers from PC supporters, Ford Nation and the various anonymous and other Conservative supporters that flock to this site.

    No smart ass comments from the angry crowd, no worn out aphorisms from the deluded. Nothing.

    Maybe they’re enjoying the long weekend.

    More likely it’s because taxation and energy are major problems that can’t be solved by slinging mud or character assassination.

    • RN200 says:

      Cameron, we only comment on the daily partisan YAHL (yet another Hudak lie) posts here when we have the time to waste.

      Yesterday was too beautiful of a day to waste a moment on this site trying to set you misguided liberals straight once again.

  2. gwd says:

    Im not a “Liberal”, in fact im a 30 year old single guy that has voted for PC, Liberals and Conservatives in the past. I chose to vote Conservative this year for a few reasons, none of which included Alfred Apps, “just visiting”, or because I was angry about Gomery etc.

    I voted for Harper this time because he had the best platform. I know Liberals will look at all these other things, but if you ask the folks that didnt vote for you, you would find the same thing, I believe.

    The fact is that the NDP and Liberals had the (almost) exact same platform. The Liberals were not a centrist party in this election. It seemed to the average Joe that the merger had occured, but for some reason the NDP had two leaders. Many canadians, given a choice between centre-right and centre-left, will go centre-right in times like this.

    When I heard the opposition parties gang up on Harper about contempt for democracy, being “too american”, and wanting to bring back the death penalty, etc. , I had my own look there is no backup for those claims. That turned me off. The outrageous partisanship displayed in public was worse, imo, that what we saw in the US against either Obama or Bush.

    Thats why Kerry and McCain/Palin lost too, i think. Their claims of doom and gloom werent realistic or believable.

    Maybe a new president and a new leader would do it, and the the Liberals should keep calling the closest thing we have to a centrist party fascists, dictators, reformatories, etc. But thats not how to win my vote.

  3. gwd says:

    moderator, that was meant to be a comment on a different post, oops!

  4. Iris Mclean says:

    A little off topic, but will Hudak re-introduce police snipers to resolve aboriginal land disputes?

  5. Tom says:

    “Maybe they’re enjoying the long weekend.

    More likely it’s because taxation and energy are major problems that can’t be solved by slinging mud or character assassination.”

    Missing the obvious…

    They were raptured!

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