05.13.2011 06:40 AM

Timmy Hudak’s PCs: say one thing, do another

TORONTO, May 13 /CNW/ – Senior PC MPP Frank Klees sits on the board of directors of an energy company that has filed an application for a FIT contract – a program that rookie leader Tim Hudak is so strongly opposed to that he says he will scrap it – for the Mar Wind Project; a huge 240 MW project on the Bruce Peninsula.

Klees sits on the board of Tribute Resources and holds stock options in the company (MPP Public Disclosure Statements, 2010. Click on public disclosures>2010).

Klees is thumbing his nose at his rookie leader in support of the McGuinty Liberal plan for Ontario to replace dirty coal with clean energy and make the province a world leader in clean energy jobs and innovation.

Hudak’s short-sighted policy has drawn severe criticism from across the province, including from another senior PC MPP,Ernie Hardeman, who has already distanced himself from Hudak’s plan (St. Thomas Times-Journal, March 11, 2011).

Klees and Hardeman join fellow PC caucus members who are critical of Hudak’s knifing of long-time caucus stalwart Norm Sterling to please radical right-winger Randy Hillier.

Other caucus members who have distanced themselves from Hudak’s leadership include:

Like many Ontarians, an increasing number of Hudak’s colleagues are realizing that Hudak is just not right for them.



  1. Thegrumpydwarf says:

    Gord…its a press release. Of course it biased.

  2. Ron says:

    You know as well as I do that there are divisions within the PC’s.
    As much as this is a prime opportunity for the PC’s to toss the Libs to the curb, it may actually be squandered by the in fighting and lack of policy stance.

    Tim and et al had best get their proverbial stuff together if they want to gain an election victory in October

  3. cgh says:

    The sheer stupidity of the announcement that a Conservative administration is going to CANCEL a program on which a Conservative would benefit is simply too mind-numbing to contemplate. Seems to me this is the OPPOSITE of conflict of interest.

    • Attack! says:

      You evidently had a numb mind to start with.

      No one alleged a conflict of interest: just a conflict of OPINIONS among the PC caucus, b/w those who have sensible ones and their leader… who does not.

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