05.25.2011 09:10 PM

Twitter weirdness

My main Twitter page, or whatever it’s called, is blank.  The folks I follow are no longer to be found there.  The “Mentions” page is okay.  But the Twitter feed? It ain’t feeding.

Here’s the message I get now, below.  Anyone with ideas on how to fix this, comment away!

“This is your homepage @kinsellawarren

It’s looking mighty bare right now. When you follow people their updates will appear here. So go find some interesting people to follow!

You can tell the world what’s happening in the box above.”



  1. JenS says:

    I have the same issue going on. Apparently, it’s pretty widespread. I reported my situation, and there were 271 pages of reports.

  2. Transplanted Doerite says:

    Weird. My twitter page is mostly blank too, but that`s because I have no friends.

    Trying to access my daughter`s tumblr page resulted in a a request for a password, which is equally weird. So maybe it`s an attack on progressives who like punk?

  3. Jo-Anne says:

    Hi Warren,

    It’s a glitch that has affected a number of people on Twitter today. See @Support for updates. Deep breaths… it will be back! 😉


  4. Ian Young says:

    Looks like just another glitch. I can see that “Warren Kinsella follows 131 people” so that info still exists.

    Are you using the New or Old Twitter?

  5. Hey Warren – check this link out. I had the same problem. It’s back up now.


  6. R says:

    I do not like twitting or facebook

    Prime Minster must act inside and outside of home or HOUSE or inside or outside Canada like pM not like actor who read the play and just pretend or fool around it means inside and outside in balance sheet


    This just in: It appears Canadians were not solely responsible for giving Stephen Harper a majority government in the federal election



  7. Harith says:

    Warren – Twitter is notorious for having issues. If it’s not the failwhale it’s the inability to load tweets. It was happening to me all day yesterday. Your twitter looks ok now, so chalk it up to temporary twitter-having-kittens weirdness.

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