06.28.2011 01:54 PM

Dog-related question

Roxy Roller, Canada’s favourite political dog.

Roxoid, seen above, is always hungry. She’s part lab, so that comes with the territory.

She eats Fromm’s. The place where she has been getting her food, Tails in the Beach, makes us both really, really unhappy for a host of reasons. We wouldn’t recommend it.

So: anyone know where you can get Fromm’s in the East End?  We need an alternative.

Look at Roxy. She’s counting on you to come through with an answer.


  1. W the K - No, not Warren says:

    Global Pet Foods. There’s one on Queen west of Woodbine. Another in Scarberia where we get Fromm’s for our pug. He just hoovers the stuff.

  2. Tony Miller says:

    Bark + Fitz, Warren. Next to Yoka on the north side of Queen near Hammersmith. Nice people. Lots of Fromm’s food. Our beagle tries to drag us in there every time we walk by. We had a bad experience at Tails as well. Annoying vibe.

  3. Cath says:

    I haven’t a clue but what a great shot of Roxy – I don’t see much border collie in her though – isn’t she a lab/border cross?

  4. David says:

    http://www.trinatural.com/where-to-buy.php Hope this helps Cheers ,Nice dog

  5. Lala says:

    Just talked to the folks at Bark & Fitz just down the street from Tails – they were really helpful. Said they carry Fromm’s, and it’s cheaper.

    • Warren says:

      I’ve heard Tails doesn’t treat its young staff very well.

      • Wannabeapiper says:

        I hate that and I will make sure every dog owner I know, stops going there. A mutual friend of yours and mine, has a large association of beach dog lovers-maybe we should let him know.

        Should we go to war or ignore it? Let me know Jedi master

      • Lala says:

        They don’t. I happen to be a mother of one of them.

  6. Wannabeapiper says:

    Global Pet Foods
    3110 Kingston Road
    M1M 1P2
    (416) 265-1047

  7. Tceh says:

    I can’t recommend a store in the GTA but I can recommend a website to analyze what you are feeding the mutt.


  8. Darren K says:

    I want to know how Fast Roxy was going to break through that solid wood wall!

  9. Lipman says:

    We feed our dog, Griff, some yuppie food his mom insists on buying at 50 bucks a bag from Global Pet Foods. When it runs out, I buy the cheapest Purina one can find (Beneficial- or a name like that) and he loves it. When he eats yuppie food he gets the runs but with the Purina, he’s fine. That is my litmus tests with his food.

    My neighbours buy their Bulldog her food from http://www.tlcpetfood.com and swear by it. They get it delivered to their door at 60 bucks for two big bags.

  10. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Her daddy, le commissioner
    upset the petfood shop wouldnt share
    So Roxy joined the boycott
    Knowing they werent fair
    Roxy Roller
    Oooh Roxy Roller

    Roxy Roller, Roxy
    Oooh Roxy Roller
    Oooh Roxy

    w/apologies to Messrs Nick Gilder and W. Kinsella….

  11. Raymond says:

    She’s a beautiful girl.

  12. Ted (not the other one) says:

    I had a black lab when I was a kid. He was too wild for his owners, so he ended up with us. He got into everything, tangled with more skunks than I can remember, and was always running off. He ended up on a friend’s ranch where he and another dog ran down a calf. That’s where his story ends. Wish we could have tamed him. My aunt has a black lab now and he is so well behaved. A beautiful hound, but nowhere near as pretty as your dog in that picture.

  13. missdoglover says:

    Big Dog Bakery just down the road (at wheeler and queen) carries fromm! Check them out, they will order the flavor you are looking for if they don’t currently have it in stock too! Plus they are super friendly and knowledgeable

  14. Dude Love says:

    You are better off visiting the butcher and feeding your dog a Raw diet. Plus frozen chicken hearts make a great treat for any canine.

    • M-J says:

      Don’t do this. Dogs aren’t carnivores, they’re omnivores. The line from raw food companies that it’s a dog’s “natural” diet is such bullshit — there’s nothing “natural” about Canis familiaris, they are entirely human creations. If anything, a dog’s “natural” diet would be garbage and whatever else it could scavenge from humans.

      Rant over.

      • Dude Love says:

        Raw diet includes creating a stew of meat and vegetables. It is cheaper and healthier than buying some produced stuff in a bag. Plus if you build a relationship with a butcher you get lots of stuff for free, i.e. bones, chicken hearts. All the vets we’ve visited have had no issue with our diet even those who supplement their income by selling dog food.

  15. smelter rat says:

    ” If anything, a dog’s “natural” diet would be garbage and whatever else it could scavenge from humans.”

    That certainly describes our heinz 57 🙂

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