06.16.2011 09:52 AM

Enjoy the slammer, genius

H/T Jane Daly.


  1. Cath says:

    Ahhh, the beauty of new technology. That shit for brains moniker certainly applies here.

  2. WildGuesser says:

    How many successful G20 prosecutions against police as compared to against protestors?

    I’d bet money this guy never sees more than 24 hours inside a jail cell. At least not from the Vancouver rioting!

  3. It’s partly a generational thing, too, I think. In the age you Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, reality television and instant celebrity, it’s all about them as opposed to, you know, the businesses they trashed, the personal property they destroyed and the bystanders who were injured.

    Good luck gettin’ a job, Brock. Welcome to the world of “fucked for life.”

  4. allegra fortissima says:

    Kudos to the “Post Riot Clean-up – Let’s help Vancouver” facebook members. So far 12,515 people are attending. Thank you to all of you!

    • nastyboy says:

      Kudos should go to the ones that actually show up. Joining a facebook group is easy.

      • allegra fortissima says:

        Many will show up… that’s the way Vancouverites are!

        • nastyboy says:

          Many will, and good for them…..most will just join the facebook group to feel all self-righteousy about themselves. because going out an actually doing stuff is hard, and takes time away from talking about themselves.

  5. In 1994 if you were a youngish adult with any sense you felt the impending danger downtown and did the smart thing and left. It was easy to sense. The relative few who remained, mostly, were the core assholes wrecking havoc on Robson and the inevitable drunk eggers-on.

    In 2011 apparently a lot of 20-somethings have less sense than ever, but also have some sort of mobile photo-taking Facebook-posting technology and are keen to get a rad shot to post on their pages and be the envy of their crowd. Consequently many more thousands of looky-loos crowded the streets, some playing photo journalist, some just plain drunk and lacking sense, some clearly sober but too stupid to get out of the way and make the job easier for police and fire. Of those bystanders taking in the scene not just a few a cheered and egged the core assholes on therefore joining the worst of them in their assholedom. Too bad you can’t charge people for being ignorant morons.

    Sadly Darwinism has been mostly repealed in the modern age and I fear that an unfortunately significant percentage of our youth are growing up stupid and are getting away with it. Maybe that trend is accelerating.

    Vancouver Police and Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services and BC Ambulance did a bang up job last night. It’s too bad there were literally thousands of ignorant spectators crowding the area preventing them from intervening safely, and decisively, much earlier.

  6. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Next time, Vancouver, and I question if there will be a next time, have water cannon at the ready….nothing like 30bar of water pressure to make you think twice about hanging around and causing mayhem….
    I am angered, disappointed, and ashamed to be a BC’er right now….its a disgrace….

    • Dave says:

      Seriously, why didn’t they start hosing them down?

      • Patrick Hamilton says:

        I dont believe Vancouver has any water cannon vehicles, and while you could turn a fire pumper truck on them, a firetruck does not offer protection against what hooligans would throw at them….same goes for firehoses, you would be putting firefighters at risk. if they had a fleet of water cannons, however, and used them prudently, this riot would have been over pronto….its why every major city in Europe and Asia have them…..

        Socially I am a liberal, but when it comes to law and order, I am a little to the right of Atilla the Hun……

  7. Jon Powers says:

    In the words of Lawrence from the movie Office Space: “watch out for your cornhole, bud.” Chech out this facebook group for more evidence of dumb rioters:

    Oh, and one more thing: GO BRUINS!

  8. AP says:

    The man in this video who tried to stop the madness should be given the Medal of Bravery.


  9. Mulletaur says:

    Why do these children believe they are entitled to act like thugs ? This is exactly the same sort of behaviour we witnessed at the G20. The political content is also exactly the same : zero.

    • tf says:

      I think you may have missed something about the G20.
      Everything about the G20 was political. Nothing about the Canucks mob was – they were mindless idiots.
      The people hitting and kicking peaceful protesters at the G20 were the police. Other way around in Vancouver.

      • Mulletaur says:

        I didn’t miss a single thing about the G20. Not a single one of the criminal element who broke and burned things during the G20 could tell you what was on the agenda for the meeting, much less which countries actually make up the G20. It was nothing more than mindless violence, a chance for thugs to have a go at the cops and break shit. And let us not forget all the people who came down to watch the show, get some pictures and perhaps a piece of the action. They provided cover for the thugs. Were you one of them, tf ?

  10. nez1 says:

    Good, tolerant, peaceful Canada. We all take a kick in the ‘nads for this one.
    How many of these di*kwads listen to Nickleback and Limp Bizkit, I wonder…..

    • JenS says:

      Being a jerkwad crosses musical boundaries, I’m afraid.

    • Paul says:

      I listen to ‘that’ music and I have never been in a public fight or vandalized property. In fact, I also listen to lots of punk, rap, metal as well – music choice has nothing to do with being an asshole. It looks like You are the one not being very tolerant.

  11. Jon Powers says:

    It’s funny how commentators keep insisting that “these were not Canucks fans rioting!” Odd, it seems that a lot of these “non-fans” were sporting Canucks jersey’s as they burned the city. Face it – the Vancouver Canucks have a lot of problem fans. Even Sports Illustrated took notice of that fact a year ago. Time to grow up, Vancouver.

    • Philip says:

      Agreed. It was the actual fans who rioted, not just random dumb-asses. Being a Canuck’s doesn’t mean you can’t be an asshole, sloppy drunk or both.

    • E. Lindsay says:

      Sorry Jon – the anarchists were using their jerseys as disguises. They were stripping them off and throwing them in to the flames.

      • Jon Powers says:

        Really? They were all anarchists? So, the fact that they weren’t covering their own faces – was that a disguise too? Get real. Yes, some of them were anarchists. It may have been started by anarchists and criminals. But Canucks fans gleefully joined in. Canucks fans are on the level of English soccer hooligans from the 80’s.

    • By game seven of the Stanley Cup finals, darn near everyone in the city is a fan except for the most die hard hockey-avoiders so claiming the vandals and looters weren’t fans is certainly a stretch.

      When people say the damage wasn’t done by fans we could correct them — the rioting and looting had very little, if anything, to do with hockey and hockey fandom.

      There are idiots everywhere but it seems our idiots had some help in the form of thugs who got the ball rolling, acting as a catalyst.

      Fan or not, those that vandalized and assaulted and incited others to do so are all criminals. It matters not whether they like sports. The Canucks and peace-lovin’ fans everywhere can’t choose who likes the game after all.

      For me the larger problem is not that there are some bad actors that are keen to provoke violence in a crowd; I’m much more troubled by how willingly others joined in the melee even if their participation was limited hooting, hollering, and posting photos to Facebook.

      Who believes there is something intrinsically different in Vancouver as compared to Toronto? Could not the same dangerous cocktail of preconditions – massive crowds, an emotionally charged build-up, and thousands, if not tens of thousands, and inebriated twenty somethings – spark a similar conflagration i n Toronto? If not, why not?

  12. wannabeapiper says:

    Seems to me that the riot was premediated by the usualy anarchists and thugs. Seems a lot of them came prepared with face coverings and hidden implements of destruction. So the riot was rather predictable and then there was the drunks and so on who joined in. I find it outrageous especially knowing most of them will get the revolving door and slap-on-the-wrist style jusitce our system doles out.

    When I am King, the country will be a happier and safer place.

    • The Doctor says:

      Yes, it’s interesting that people would show up to watch a hockey game with backpacks containing fire accelerant etc.

  13. New Craig Chamberlain says:

    The most disturbing element for me in this and similiar situations is that need for too many to capture a great clip or photo for posting later, instead of stepping in to help someone in desparate need of help.

    • Steve T says:

      Exactly! The most immediate way to stop this foolishness would be for the crowd to apprehend these thugs, rather than taking video and pictures.

  14. Nasty Bob says:

    ’04 when the Flames made their improbable run …right up to and including the game 7 loss… “The Red Mile” was jam packed with fans every game. No Riot, no property damage, maybe a dozen people, tops, arrested for being drunk in public.

    Just sayin’

    • The Doctor says:

      That’s true, isn’t it? And Calgary was also a big celebration, yet no real nasty stuff, when they won it in 1989.

      • Nasty Bob says:

        What do you do ? Lots of T & A !

        Nobody had cells out taking pictures/posting shots of burning cars in cowtown ’cause they were all focused on the uninhibited women in the crowd ( I’d post some links but this is a family blog).

        I think the morons were smart enough to figure out if they started smashing windows most of the ” gentler sex” would go home.

      • The Doctor says:

        Good observation — quickest way to turn a mass event into a “sausage party”: turn the event uber-violent.

  15. CanadaDave says:

    Sigh… I especially liked the post urging him to take down the post since it was evidence…. Now, I’m not a lawyer, but urging someone to destroy evidence is also a crime, is it not?

  16. Maybe the Vancouver police will end up making more arrests than if they had the riot squad out there in force.

    Less is more in this case.

  17. These rioters disgust me. Grown-ass man-children obviously lack discipline.

  18. Massimo Savino says:

    Cops resisted using the riot squad and dogs until nearly too late. It does not seem to have occurred to them that the Canucks might lose. The Olympics in particular lulled them into thinking the Cup would be different; that was unrealistic as the home team in the most important sport (to Cdns) won every important game including the gold medal.

    Deeply ashamed of the actions of these idiots from my hometown.

  19. MCBellecourt says:

    Earlier on, Mulletair posted a comparison to the G20.

    Memories are not that short. The G20 Protesters were largely peaceful, and the cops stood back and watched while the Black Bloc burned that car. You can’t tell me those weren’t agent provocateurs in those black duds, Montebello comes to mind.

    The G20 Protesters were there for a valid reason. They are more aware, than most of us choose to be, that the agenda of puppet leaders worldwide is to serve their corporate masters at the expense of the working person, without whom those corporate masters would be, well, pooched.

    This was a stupid hockey game. A GAME. The rioters in Vancouver were a bunch of drunks with intent. A bunch of fur-bearing mammals with nothing between the ears. No political statement, no statement to any politician saying “We’re watching and we’re aware”, just proof that brain-dead asshole-ism is a contagious disease with alcohol as the main conduit.

    Mulletaur, you did the G20 Protesters a huge disservice by this comparison. In contrast to Canuckleheads fans, the G20 Protesters were speaking for me because I couldn’t be there with them. I’ve been around long enough to see how, little by little, my hard-earned income has become less and less viable and less and less worth getting out of bed for, even though I’m working harder and harder every damned year. There is no way, no how, that any stupid Vancouver hockey fan will speak for this BCer at any time. I consider myself fortunate that I’m far enough away from that crappy city that I could ignore the whole damned thing along with my fellow residents.

    If Vancouver never gets a playoff spot again, it will be too soon for this working citizen of Canada. Life’s too short for this kind of bullshit, and there are far more insidious threats to our rights and freedoms that warrant our attention.

    And people get themselves worked up to a frenzy over a cheezy giant trophy. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Don’t post half-truths, Mulletaur. They can be just as harmful to you as the rest of us.

    • WildGuesser says:

      The police inaction at the G20 is the important precedent, not the intent of the protestors. People know that those who rioted and set cars on fire at the G20 didn’t ultimately end up in jail and there was lots of cheering and political support for those who were critical of the police. We have seen the same police inaction/paralyzation with Native protests in the past only serve to strengthen the resolve of those who would encourage violent and lawbreaking protests in future. Either the police crack down hard and provide a deterrent precedent or they do essentially nothing and allow protestors to think they have free reign.

      • James says:

        We have a right to protest! And in public spaces, at any time we want! because that’s how democratic socitiies operate. It seems that you have a problem with democracy.

  20. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Given the video I watched of the riots, unless many of these yahoos grow up and become responsible citizens, I suspect my future as a senior citizen will most likely be soylent green………Lord help us all…..

  21. James says:

    There is so much clutching of the pearls in this comment thread, it’s hilarious. Only a degenerate bourgeois class would have this reaction.

    Quick, everyone salute your police masters! That’s a good corporate sheeple.

    • Transplanted Doerite says:


      So are you saying that it was actually the vanguard of the proletariat that we saw in the streets, but mistook them for common thugs and morons?

      And was it the vanguard’s Manifesto for the coming Revolution and subsequent withering away of the state that they were using to start the fires?

      I thought so too.

      • Mulletaur says:

        People seem to forget history. Anarchists did the hard work of the Russian Revolution, and shortly after the Bolsheviks gained power, the Bolsheviks ‘liquidated’ the anarchists – they were useful dupes for the better organized and disciplined Bolsheviks. This has been repeated in history time and time again.

        ‘Vanguard of the proletariat’, my fat seatcushion. Spoiled, feckless, entitled and empty-headed children who have never known real hardship and have had everything handed to them on a plate their whole lives. Pathetic. And no different than the thugs who were involved in the Vancouver mess.

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Oh for god’s sake James. First of all, only a degenerate bourgeois would use the phrase “degenerate bourgeois,” and second of all, please explain how 15 beers + smashing a small business’ windows makes one a revolutionary. Dammit why do I respond to trolls?!!

  22. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Simple hooliganism over an effen hockey game, people have a right to be pissed…..I am not a wealthy person, far from it…..but you tell me how the wanton destruction of public and private property furthers your cause……Im all ears, sickle boy……

  23. I went to the Vancouver riot, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. (Just kiddin’)

  24. Derek Pearce says:

    I’m tanked as the rioters now (hey it’s after 3 on a Fri night) and I wish to issue a challenge:to the rioters: smash every window, every day ad nauseum, ad nauseum, no really, just keep smashing and smashing and smashing you revolutionaries you, until you bring down the state. Go for it. Smash large biz, smash small, just keep smashing until your vision of social justice is complete.
    What’s that? You’re only selective and hiding amongst crowds you say? Aww, pooooor poor cowards, mores the pity to be you, you weak ineffectual wreckers you. Perhaps you feel satisfaction being pawns of the insurance industry? There there, there’s a good lad, keep smashing and making the insurance execs rich like a good lad like you should. Good good boy….

  25. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Perhaps they are trying to avoid time in the slammer, and also to avoid the painful experience having to get themselves a “daddy”…..


    Anyways, I am happy to see some have seen the error of their ways……

  26. Patrick Hamilton says:

    Hey James….aka sickleboy…..this ones for you……http://www.theprovince.com/sports/Star+athlete+from+Maple+Ridge+tagged+rioter/4967700/story.html

    Not exactly a member of the proletariat…..LOL

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