06.10.2011 08:21 AM


Anyone who knows me will not be surprised, at all, to see the scar on my ever-expanding forehead this morning.  I was walking Roxy Roller the Political Dog™ yesterday, you see, and I walked into a tree.  As friends and family will tell you, “Warren, did you know you’re bleeding?” is a question that gets posed more often than not.

As an added bonus, and for no charge, here is a photo of Roxy regarding me.

Sigh. My owner is a doofus.


  1. Wow! I hope you weren’t seriously hurt! About the tree you hit,was it a oak tree,did you knock it down? 😉 Cheers!

  2. so that was the big thud i heard all the way from Montreal 😉

  3. Liz J says:

    So you’re not blaming Roxy for leading you into the tree?

    Roxy looks like he feels a bit sorry for you though.

    • Warren says:

      She. All that she cares about is her next meal, being a lab. If I were slow enough, and she was hungry enough, I’d be the meal.

      • AmandaM says:

        Too true. It’s all Windsor: Perma-Puppy*, a 5 year-old yellow lab, is concerned with as well. After almost a year, I’m still mildly surprised each morning I wake up with my hands and face still attached to my body. He weasled his way onto sleeping on the right side of my bed (and by weasled, I mean he looked at me with his gorgeous lab eyes on his first night with us), so I suppose I’ll deserve it if it happens one day.

        Also, Windsor has saved me from smashing into corners of tables, walls, other similar stuff I don’t pay attention to when I move around (hence the aircast on my foot), as he is always in the way and I have learned to be more careful so as not to step on his tail or something equally horrible. It’s a double-edged sword for dog-owning-thinker-types. Hope the head heals quickly!

        *We fostered him for a while after months on the mean streets of Windsor, ON, and decided he would stay with us forever a few months later.

  4. Attack! says:

    I sense a business opp. here: for dog-trainers to start ‘Tweeting Eye Dog’ programs to train faithful pets to steer their doofus Berry-& I-Pad wielding owners well clear of trees and poles on their walkies.

  5. great to have fun you,even if I’m a conservative supporter,wont hold that against will you? 🙂 Cheers! Nice joking with you!

  6. Derek Pearce says:

    Don’t feel too bad– last week I pulled a doofus move and, hurredly walking off the subway and along the length of the platform to the escalator, while reading a newspaper and not paying close enough attention, I -WHAM- walked right into a bench, badly bruising both my shins. It was like the Flintstones as a lump on each shin grew immediately! I cursed loudly, but didn’t blame the young lady near me who couldn’t help but giggle a bit at my doofus-ness.

  7. Kevin says:

    ‘Fess up. Being Canadian, you said “Excuse me” to the tree, didn’t you?

  8. E. Lindsay says:

    What a stunning beauty she is. Seems to be saying “I am feeling your pain – SO sorry.”

  9. J.B. says:

    Is that a Lab/Terrier mix, Warren? Because, if Roxy is both – you’re going to have a dog that is both high strung and insane…like my doggie. My doggie is now 7 years old(looks similar to yours when he’s cut)…and wow! He just doesn’t quit.

  10. MCBellecourt says:

    That’s sure a sweet-lookin’ pooch. But then again, I never met a dog I didn’t like–or didn’t like me!

    There’s a big black male dog with the same kind of face on my route to the grocery store and I always stop and have a little chat with him. Then I give him a pat and an ear-scratch and he’s happy and I’m on my way. If I don’t, he’ll whine. But, no matter. Can’t say no to that sweet face, so I oblige.

    Could you give her a big ear scratch and a big hug for me, WK? She’s a beaut.

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