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Sucky sucky socialist babies

Can you be thin-skinned and have a chip on your shoulder at the same time?

It’s funny. I was talking to a certain, er, very successful Liberal politician yesterday and we touched on this very subject. “They’re a bunch of babies,” said he. “They’ve never been able to take a punch without crying about it.”

Well, get ready, Dippers. You’re in the big leagues, now. Comes with the territory. At least the Reformatories can take a punch.

Thus, check this out in the LFP: I mean, I was just having fun!

Wait’ll this sucky sucky socialist baby sees me when I’m actually mad:

“Regarding Warren Kinsella’s column NDP not very new or democratic (May 31): Wow. I hope Kinsella feels better, having got that off his chest. Keeping such anger inside cannot be good for a Liberal, or anyone else with mountains of work to do. The substance of his rant is less impressive. I looked for the meat to back up the juicy headline and found he really didn’t have much to say.”


  1. AP says:

    Self-righteous and humourless is your typical NDPer.

    • dave says:

      Since Canadians don’t really have a sense of humour, the NDP lack thereof means that the NDP most accurately represents Canadians in that regard.
      As for self righteousness, I recognized back in the early 1990’s that the Reform Party out here had successfully co opted the self righteousness that the NDP had inherited from the CCF. The Conservative Party still practices that self righteousness: it is an integral part of their ‘soul.’

  2. BillD says:

    What is truly sad is that the leadership integrity of Mr. Layton is rapidly coming undone as he attempts to serve a multitude of masters. He has assimilated many of the intent and values of the Bloc and he foolishly feels that the rest of Canada will not notice because his proclamations are in our other official language.

    Layton is acting like a hormone riddled teenager at a prom, who in the past was a wallflower now has had the prettiest girl in school smile at him. He’s leadership has been show to be at best incomplete, ill thought out and without any depth.

    The re-emergence of the Liberal Party 2.0 is dependent on the Liberal Party speaking for Canada. The NDP base outside of Quebec will reject quickly the machinations of Layton and realize that at his core is nothing more than a guilt riddled member of the family compact who is desperately trying to atone for perceived past sins. These voters who vote for Canada will be looking quickly for an alternative.

    The NDP had a temporary surge because of the eroding back biting that has gripped the Liberal Party. I suspect that if a leader can be found to inspire, then the tables can be quickly be turned.

    It would have been thougthful and prudent to promote Irwin Cotler as interim leader. We need measured and thoughtful voices. In Mr. Cotler, you have our Mitchell Sharp.

    Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.
    Pierre Trudeau

    • sharonapple88 says:

      There was an interesting article in the Star about some other divides for the NDPbetween its Quebec ridings and its riding outside of Quebec. Their Quebec ridings want closer economic ties with the US. Outside of Quebec, they appear not to be in favour of this. The same is true about private health care — the NDP oppose it, but Quebec likes the idea.

      It’ll be interesting to see how this will inevitable plays out for the party.

  3. moose says:

    The NDPers are humourless only to those whose sense of humour has yet to reach
    the adolescent stage.To those who are above that stage check on Google the CBC archive
    called “Tommy Douglas – sense of humour”
    Come,thou long expected Summer.

  4. Phil in London says:

    I read this too.

    It’s just simply not that good a letter.

    Must be the editor’s mother.

    I do agree it will be interesting how they handle the heat of a real battle

  5. Paul R Martin says:

    The Dippers are not very good winners. They kicked several senior Liberals out of their Parliament Hill offices. The Conservatives could have had first dibs on those offices, but declined their opportunity to kick the senior Liberals when the party was down. It is also interesting to read that Layton is the rudest member of Parliament. What goes aroun comes around Jack.

  6. A letter from a minor London area functionary, from the looks of it acting completely on her own, is hardly a party reaction.

    And quoting a completely flawed study showing Layton as the “rudest” member of Parliament is doing your usual level of commentary (P. R. M.) a disservice.

  7. Mandos says:

    It’s frankly in the NDP’s best interests to kick the Liberals as hard as possible when they’re down. Conservative forbearance for the Liberals is all about splitting the vote…

    (Captcha: PMS8)

  8. Brian says:

    I don’t know. I’m a new democrat and I thought your may 31st piece was pretty funny. An update of the old saw about the holy roman empire bring none of these things. So then there’s the issue of whether the “liberal party” is really a “party” in any sense of that word…

  9. Massimo Savino says:

    To what extent are Liberals falling into a semantic trap? I’m just wondering about the use of the term ‘socialist’ — could it not be said that we’ve already lost part of the argument if we use the Tories’ ideological shorthand?

    • Warren says:

      It’s just an alliteration keep your shirt on.

      • WK: Are you not in favour of some sort of merging of the Libs and the NDP? If so, why diss the players who one day may well be sitting on the same bench as current Lib MP’s? Why waste energy poking at the NDP when Harper is about to launch into his 4 years of unopposed power? Are you aiming your venom at the right target? Just askin’………

        • Warren says:

          Ain’t gonna happen. Moment has passed. War will recommence shortly.

          • Really??? All I can say is that the operatives in the Permanent Conservative War Room must be chortling all the way to the bank when they read this. Squabbling between non-Con voters will absolutely guarantee Conservative majorities for the next 15 years. We still have a choice, no?

          • Warren says:

            There is no possibility, Bill, of it happening now. None. Did you not read what Layton said right after the election? Did you hear a single New Democrat disagree with him? One?

            It ain’t gonna happen, not in my lifetime. Back to warfare, etc.

        • Tiger says:

          To paraphrase the fictionalized version of James A Baker III in HBO’s “Recount” — “Now listen people, this is a street-fight for the left side of the voting spectrum, and 24 Sussex Drive.”

          As the second party WILL win government, sometime in the next decade. (Well, in 2015, 2019, or 2023.)

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