06.25.2011 03:30 PM

The Ontario NDP platform: they’ll pass a law to “buy in Ontario” only….

…(see on page 25) except when it comes to their own platform, apparently! Throughout it, pictures they pass off as Ontarians are really pix taken of Americans, by American photographers!


HT to GritChik!


  1. Greg says:

    Ok. I am feeling a bit disappointed. A picture?

  2. Sean says:

    So nice to see an election unfolding in the normal Canadian fashion. Liberals have already won. Tories are divided. NDP can’t catch a beat. I remember reading about elections like this in a history book.

  3. CQ says:

    An all-white people group photo of ‘workers’? In 2011? Added blue tint doesn’t make it diverse or inclusive.

  4. Siobhan says:

    Well that’s just shocking and absolutely outrageous…. /endsarcasm

  5. JenS says:

    An awful lot of layout artists use iStock photos. And I haven’t seen a lot of political pamphlets that show non-set-up photos, so I’m not really sure what difference this makes.

    Now, that the NDP platform seems to depend on frequent plucking from some mystical money tree — that makes a difference to me.

    • bigcitylib says:

      This may be true, but I still find it a bit disappointing. Why not spring for a real photographer? Of course this criticism goes to crap if the Ont. libs do the same thing. Hopefully they won’t.

  6. Phil in London says:

    Don’t see this is a little deal, let alone a big one. EVERY party uses these sorts of pictures and EVERY party has played gotcha with it and also got caught with it. There has not been an election yet where the “story” had any traction whatsoever and it won’t this time.

    Far more interesting is the low turnout you refer to at the converntion. By the way were there really that many people at the Federal convention last weekend?

    The Dippers are dreaming if they think they have a snowball’s chance in hell in October. Shenanigans in Ottawa are proving the Federal party is a protest vote not an alternative government (good news for you Liberals) and the stench of Bob Rae and Floyd Laughren is till way to fresh for the orange wave to happen this fall.

    The only question this election is if the Liberals can succeed in chipping away at Tim Hudak or conversely whether the PCs can seal the deal on the tax man Dalton McGuinty.

    Federally the NDP were only marginally better then the Liberals in Ontario 2011. That momentum will wain as the reality of filibusters and amateur hour remind people who Jack Layton really is and he will become a liability to the provincial party, not the asset they hoped for only a few weeks ago.

  7. Andrew Block says:

    Love how they use one of the photos for the job creation section…yup. NDP: Sending jobs out of Ontario for 50 years!

  8. Matthew says:

    iStockphoto is Canadian, although the photos themselves could be from anywhere.

    • WatchSmart says:

      If iStockphoto is Canadian, where is the comment “pix taken of Americans, by American photographers” based on? Is Warren sure?

      • TofKW says:

        iStockphoto WAS Canadian, it was taken over by Getty Images of Seattle a while ago now. And last I checked, Washington state is not a part of Canada.

  9. Dave says:


  10. Art says:

    istockphoto is sttill very much based in Calgary.

    Suite 200 – 1240 20th Ave SE
    Calgary, Alberta T2G 1M8

    Warren’s hometown, I believe.

  11. Art says:

    Arguably more Canadian than Michael Ignatieff 🙂

  12. Ted (not the other one) says:

    About this buy Ontario business, where are they going to get their oil from?

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