07.07.2011 09:02 AM

Babies and little kids

We’re totally going to win this election!


  1. Cath says:

    who doesn’t like looking at babies and kids? It’s a diversion…a good one, but because the NDP and PC stances on these issues don’t stray too far from the Liberals, these issues aren’t the pocketbook issues that are capturing the attention of the boomers who no longer have kids and who are looking for some accounting for their money. Maybe even a shifting of priorities.

    These simply aren’t issues of concern to me. It speaks to vote rich urban Ontario.

    Don’t think the ads will result in a game changer because the wave of change is based on something other than cute kids……….kids that are on the decline in my region, resulting in mixed demand for full-day K and more than our fair share of school closures.

    • Ted says:

      I think it responds directly to the issues of “accounting for their money” and highlights a huge difference from the other parties.

      It’s turning the question around in fact.

      It is saying: ‘You want to know what we’ve been doing with your hard earned money. Fair and good question. Here it is: lower wait times, lower child poverty, higher graduate levels, higher test scores, etc.’

      Most Canadians and Ontarians care more about wasting of taxpayer dollars than they care about home much the government is taking in. We want value for our tax dollars and if you can’t get results, then give it back to us. This speaks directly to that issue.

      • Cath says:

        it’s simply not going to expunge the record Ted. A record that match the illusion of value for money with the wasting of it.
        Folks in my region will not buy these ads.

  2. Bil Huk says:

    Great ads. But i’m recently a new father for the 2nd time so i’m not what you’d call an ‘unbiased’ viewer right now !!!!!

  3. TDotRome says:

    They need to be on TV, but those are amazing ads. Positive, real change for the better is stuff that works in, imo. It’s the type of stuff that solidifies the base, keeps votes from going to the NDP, and makes small-c conservatives think. It’s good stuff.

  4. WildGuesser says:

    Like these ads a lot. Very difficult to rebut and decry the expenditure as not worthwhile. If he wants to address them at all, Hudak will need to frame a counter policy of being against staffing JK with 90k/yr teachers who are properly facing layoffs because of declining enrolments and saying he wants to possibly re-imagine JK by staffing it with $40k/yr child-care workers who are trained in child-care. That will put the issue back on McGuinty in a way he won’t want to talk about and the public is always ripe for bashing public sector teachers who work 9-10 months a year for big money and benefits.

  5. Ted says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen ads like this. Positive ads are difficult to make, but these ones work I think. They aren’t simply saccharine self promotion or ‘I’m more patriotic than you’ type ads.

    I think they respond directly to the issues of “what have you accomplished in 8 years of government” and “what are you doing with our hard-earned money”. It’s turning the Hudak “taxman” question completely around in fact.

    I think most Canadians and Ontarians care more about wasting of taxpayer dollars than they care about home much the government is taking in. We want value for our tax dollars and if you can’t get results, then give it back to us. This speaks directly to that issue.

    Wait times? Way down. Student test scores? From last to first. Child poverty rates? Down. Down? Down during the biggest recession of our lives? Yup. Literacy rates? Up. Dollars lost to strikes? Down to zero. Crop insurance? After decades of farmer requests, it’s now there. New industry job creation? 16,000 and counting. Electricity grid? For the first time in, what? 25 years, not only finally fixing it but putting in a long term development plan for the first time. Energy? No more bandaid solutions but long term solid plans for the future.

    There is a really good story to tell here and the Liberals are only just starting to tell it.

  6. Michael says:

    Holy shit those ads are good!

  7. Mark in Ontario says:

    Next up – puppies.

    It’s too late. Peoples’ minds are made up. The question now is who will be the Opposition – Liberals or NDP?

    • Sure, some of the people have made their decision.

      The ads finally start to frame the contrast between McGuinty and Hudak and the uncommitted voters who remember Mike Harris’ time in office will get it.

  8. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    Wow, great ads…..I hope the Federal Liberals are watching……despite these ads being from the govt side……gets their message across succinctly and sweetly…..a brainchild o’ Daisy Communications, Mr. Kinsella?….

  9. Jim Hayes says:

    I love it when dyed in the wool Conservatives like “Mark in Ontario” tries to convince himself that Hudak will win. Clearly these adds have scared the dickens out of him.

    • RN200 says:

      It’s the Liberals on here who sound scared when the best they can do is run their campaign against Harris and Rae. The Conservatives will be running their campaign against someone a little more recent in voter’s memories….

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