07.13.2011 02:07 PM

Bang bang

I’m about to do Sun TV – on guns, and on the Hudak PCs’ claim that keeping guns out of the hands of criminals is “useless.”

Then again, maybe it all makes sense: Hudak wants to put criminals in your neighbourhoods (see below) – and now, apparently, he thinks it’s okay to make it easier for them to get their hands on guns, too.

Bang bang.


  1. Richard says:

    Well good luck with that one. You might note that handguns are prohibited in Toronto, or so I gather. But really what does the Province have to do with firearms. Isn’t that federal?

  2. WildGuesser says:

    Being lured into a discussion on guns and crime is just an all around lose-lose for the LPC. The people know which party is tough on crime and which party champions the rights of the accused (who are repeat offender criminals in many cases).

    • A. Cynic says:

      How about those repeat offender criminals working at the PMO & appointed to the Red Chamber?
      Is that Carson guy still calling the shots or has he been rewarded with another water contract?

      • Jan says:

        Bruce Carson – wasn’t he being investigated by the RCMP – funny we have heard nothing since the election.

    • Philip says:

      Exactly which sort of crimes would the Conservative Party be getting tough on? How is Mr. Carson doing anyway?

      • Michael says:

        The Conservative party is getting tough on unreported crime. Unreported crimes are skyrocketing, dontchya know.

        As well, any crimes commited by the poor and disadvantged. They are going to throw the book at those people. Besides, if they weren’t lazy layabouts there would be no need for them to commit crime. They should just get jobs and work hard like the rest of us.

        If on the other hand you are an old white guy working on behalf of the cause, protecting Canadian/conservative values (the two are now synonomous), no need to worry, all will be swept under the rug.

        • DB Smith says:

          “Unreported crimes are skyrocketing, dontchya know.”

          Only 10 % of sexual assaults on women and children are reported to the police.

          With this stat in mind, it is estimated there are 509,809 reported and unreported sexual assaults in Canada per year, that is 1397 per day, which means that in Canada, every minute of every day, a woman or child is being sexually assaulted. (Canada Research Institute for the Advancement of Women CRIAW Fact sheet, p2

          Pehaps you would wish to discuss, these “460,000 unreported crimes” I have included the Link to Stats Canada and the SOS Society .

          1) Despite the prevalence of sexual assault, few incidences are reported.

          2) In the Health Canada study, only 29 per cent of victims reported the incident.

          3) The GSS estimates in 2009, only 31% of crimes were reported to police, part of a steady drop since 1999, when 37% were reported. (In 2004, it was 34%.)

          4) Only an estimated 29% of violent crimes such as sexual assault, robbery and physical assault were reported in 2009, a level Statistics Canada describes as stable since 1999, when it was 31%.

          5) It’s estimated one in five unreported sexual assaults are sexual attacks, involving physical violence or threats



  3. I says:

    Since Quebec has announced that it will consider setting up its own Gun Registry, the Harper Government has already fired back that they will not assist any Province “considering such stupidity.”

    But we all know that the way things work with Quebec, the ROC will end up paying for yet another of their wasteful choices, be it directly or indirectly.


  4. Danny Boy says:

    I think the ad is a little over the top, this must be a rough sketch. Agree with WildGuesser that Tories own the law and order issue………but……if handled well, gun control plays well in the 905 and other urban areas and could be a wedge issue, especially with women……maybe some kind of long gun registry agreement with Quebec?

  5. Al in Cranbrook says:

    Waaaay over the top! Who writes this stuff anyway?

    And besides that…

    McGuinty, a Liberal, is building more prisons – Good!

    Harper, a Conservative, wants to beef up the prison system – Bad!



  6. Tiger says:

    The polls are grim for them — Ipsos just put Hudak up 42-31.

    I think what they’re hoping for is that they find a single issue that resonates for them the same way Tory’s religious schools funding proposal did in 2007. (It got members of my family to vote for McGuinty that year.)

    This one is a trial balloon that keeps on getting floated.

    Still, you never know what will catch the public’s eye.

  7. M-J says:

    I must say I find it repugnant the Ontario Liberals are trying to juice their poll numbers by demonising ex-prisoners, some of the worst-off citizens in our communities.

  8. DB Smith says:

    Memo to the few remaining Liberals still out there – because of liberal policies from 1993 to 2006 and their practice of blocking changes to the criminal code, we have had criminals in your neighbourhoods for decades now – criminals who get arrest, get put back on the street on bail, reoffend, get rearrested, get bail, get put back on the street – repeat as often as required.

    • RN200 says:

      …don’t forget the key aspect: put back on the street and into your neighbourhood without supervision and without your knowledge. Privacy rights and all…you don’t really need to know who your new neighbour is – the tall foreheads have decided that your wife and kids will be safe and you have nothing to worry about.

  9. RN200 says:

    I’m gonna have to (TM) what I wrote in an earlier thread here – “it’s a triple-E election – economy, electricity, and education”

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