07.20.2011 06:48 AM

Citizen: Hudak now admits he did promise to defund abortion

Talk about burying the lede:

“In Ottawa to announce a new anti-crime initiative, Hudak clarified comments he made Monday on an abortion pledge he “may have” signed. He told reporters he did sign the pledge, but stressed the issue would not become part of the government agenda if he wins the Oct. 6 election.

“It was a petition that came from my church in my riding back in 1998 that I brought forward as an individual member,” Hudak said.”

This is actually news. The PC’s leader has been repeatedly saying only that he “may have” pledged defund abortion. Oh, but only as a private citizen, don’t you know.

Well, he isn’t a private citizen. He’s someone who has a shot at becoming the most powerful lawmaker in the province. So, when he says he’ll stop funding abortion, it now means something.

Not “may have” meant something.

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  1. Steve Harper, President, the Corporate Party of Canada

    Harper?s Neoconservatism: This entire ?hard right? movement is a crock.

    It is not a religious evangelist movement or a moral movement. It is a corporate movement.


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