07.19.2011 04:09 PM

Weaselus Conservatus

I was on my pal Jim Richards’ show on Newstalk 1010 earlier today.  It was a lot of fun, as always.  At one point, I told Jim that Tim Hudak’s slithery, slippery performance on HST (“stop it in its tracks,” now for it), FDK (a “shiny toy,” now for it), human rights tribunals (scrap them, now for ’em), health taxes (kill them, now hug them), and now abortion (“defund,” now “nothing to see here, move along,”etc.) reminds me of something.  A living thing. “What is it?” said Jim.

So I said it.

Below, a visual rendering, sent along by an appreciative listener who wishes to remain anonymous.  It’s rather accurate, wouldn’t you say?  Also, cute.

The one on the left, that is.



    • DB Smith says:

      Conservatives are carnivorous mammals with long, sleek bodies and short legs. They can grow up to 16 inches long and are found throughout North America—more specifically, they are often found in and around farm properties, much to the frustration of Liberals. According to Professional Wildlife Removal, Conservatives are aggressive in their search for fresh Liberals and will go on killing sprees, destroying many Liberals in a short period of time. Trapping these Conservatives for pest removal or their fur takes preparation and patience, (pay attention here) but your poultry flock and wallet may thank you for it in the end.

  1. David says:

    Heard you on the radio this aft.I have to admit that two people are going to bring down Hudak.Warren Kinsella and Tim Hudak.To use the vernacular of my younger days .”You Rock”

  2. Hudak is an “ictis” according to Google Translate from English “weasel” to Latin. In modern English, I guess Hudak is icky.

  3. RN200 says:

    Keep patting yourselves on the back and yukking it up…I’m sure it will be just as hilarious in Oct. Remember all your laughter and joy for Smithereens last Oct and Iggy in May?

    • Warren says:

      What the Hell are you talking about?

      • RN200 says:

        Exactly – I don’t remember your laughter and joy then either. I do recall tears and gnashing of teeth after those elections (which seems to be continuing).

        • Warren says:

          I was no fan of the style of either man, and you know it.

          Whatever. What’s the point of discussing honesty with someone who uses a false name?

          • JenS says:

            And you know, too, WK, that people like this don’t let facts stand in the way of their arguments. It’s a perfect illustration of the importance of not feeding the trolls.

  4. Tiger says:

    My guess is that this stuff won’t work, because the Liberal message is scattershot.

    One week, “Reckless Rookie”. Another week, “weasel”.

    Weasels aren’t reckless, and the message isn’t constant.

    But we’ll see how the Ontario electorate reacts. For the last few months, support for the PCs seems to have held steady at around 40%:

    • sharonapple88 says:

      Yeah, who knows what will happen. When the Progressive Conservatives won in 1995 in Ontario, the Liberals had been leading in most of the polls up until the debates.

      My take is that people want someone who’s not McGuinty, which Hudak pretty much fits…but Hudak shouldn’t get an easy ride considering some of his platform — prisoner workgangs, retiring the hydro debt before it’s paid off — is crap.

      • JenS says:

        I wonder to what extent Rob Ford’s inability to actually deliver on his many populist but ridiculous campaign promises will play into the provincial election. Perhaps part of the strategy ought be ensuring Ford’s failures to deliver on the most populist of his pledges is front and centre, and making the obvious parallels to Hudak’s drivel.

      • Tiger says:

        He won’t get an easy ride — the Liberal campaign and, to a lesser extent, the NDP campaign will see to that.

        That’s our system at work. (And it does work.)

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