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Feminist blogger: Hudak will kill LHINs to kill abortion counselling

For the right-wingers who claim that Tim Hudak can’t halt access to abortion: you’re wrong.  By killing LHINs, he kills Planned Parenthood.  He’s doing through the back door what he can’t do through the front door.

Here are the facts, from GritChik and others:

FACT: Planned Parenthood is funded, in part, through LHINs and the Government of Ontario.

FACT: Tim Hudak is pro-life and has signed a pledge to defund abortion.

FACT: Tim Hudak believes that it’s the government’s role to promote “the choice of life.”

FACT: Tim Hudak will scrap LHINs if elected premier.

Would Tim Hudak deny funding to pro-choice organizations like Planned Parenthood if he’s premier? And can someone please ask him this question?


  1. Justin says:

    The established media is too busy fawning over him and accepting talking points as fact to ask any serious questions. He’s the flavor of the month.

  2. James Bow says:

    A quick question from those of us who might be a bit slow on the uptake:

    What are LHINs? Local Health Information Networks?


  3. CQ says:

    “Feminist” blogger doesn’t write about the vulnerable disabled Ontario senior who died this past March after being refused proper medical attention for her broken leg – as reported in yesterday’s major newspaper.

    see link (online, with no comments added):

  4. ruralbelle says:

    Nice try

  5. Savant says:

    Fact: Ontario’s hospital occupancy rate is 97.8%, compared to average occupancy rates of 75% in the OECD and 68.2% in the United States. (ref)
    Fact: Ontario has the fewest hospital beds per person of any province in Canada. (ref)
    Fact: Ontario is fourth last in the OECD in numbers of hospital beds per person, followed only by Turkey, Chile and Mexico. (ref)
    Fact: Approximately 10,000 people are on wait lists for home care in Ontario and more than 23,000 people are on wait lists for long term care homes. (ref)

    Despite all of this, arbortion wait times are near nil. Meanwhile a senior woman in Toronto goes blind because she can’t get space in an OR to receive a cornea transplant. Instead those Canadian corneas are shipped off to Africa. (ref)

    Playing politics with health care is a risky business. People will still get their abortions, but I don’t see how cutting funding for counselling and putting that into beds is a bad thing. There are plenty of agencies that offer arbortion counselling, and they do so without any public money.

    I think it’s time people picked their priorities. You can’t have it all.

  6. allegra fortissima says:

    How long should abortion wait times be in your opinion? Nine months and up?

  7. George says:

    If GritChik really cared about protecting women some women’s libbers would hate the work “chik” because it demeans women. The irony.

    LHINs are the biggest money sucking pits of well-paid bureaucrat you ever saw James. Rumour is that if Dalton gets in again he’s going to do to school boards what he did to healthcare and move to a LHINS type arrangement.

    • Attack! says:

      Or the irony may be people who charge someone with hypocrisy based on semantics, which they may be far too quick to misinterpret and misunderstand themselves….

      First, I seriously doubt “women’s libbers” (what are you, 80? _Are_ there any of those any more?) object to the word “chik,”

      since it, um, isn’t a word.

      But it IS a name…


      (and a radio station http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CHIK-FM ).

      Second, what’s your evidence that feminists object to the word “chick,” anyway?

      This feminist blogger says it’s a split decision, at best:


      Maybe they once did, but have come to ‘own’ the word if they apply it to themselves (a la Richard Pryor and the “n” word).

      • Attack! says:

        oh, and before the grammar slammers object that names are too words, I just mean that in the ‘Scrabble’ sense, of ‘proper names’ are quite a different category, to which the ordinary rules of admissibility do not apply.

      • allegra fortissima says:

        Hell they do – ask Simone or Alice, Attack!. Or ask me. I was smart enough at the tender age of 15 to ground a “Besatzungsmacht” member for daring to call me “chick” on Wiesbaden’s Wilhelmstrasse. Boy oh Boy, did I give him hell and proudly so. Jerk-boy took quietly off – good for him!

        • Attack! says:

          and you, what, speak for all feminists, now? Mightn’t there have been a generational shift, such that some younger feminist women now think it’s okay to refer to themselves as “chicks,” as its meaning has transformed somewhat, even if they don’t want others labelling them that way? (like cops might refer to themselves as cops with colleagues and friends, but want others to call them police officers)?

          Are the Dixie Chicks ipso facto an affront to the movement?

          • allegra fortissima says:

            “Dixie Chicks” – too cute, lol! Even worse when chicks are chicks by self-definition. And since when do the “Dixie Chicks” set the standard for feminism? Fun to put on boots, make up and act tough, eh? Takes more than that!

            Maybe chicks should try “Tweety Bird” next time. Or “Rebelle” – but that would require some brain.

          • Attack! says:

            Hmmm; so, you’re not prepared to concede that the cultural definition of pejorative terms can evolve over time?

            (sometimes almost accidentally, and sometimes deliberately so:

            see this synopsis of an episode the often vulgar animated show, South Park, which reviews how the word “faggot” changed both its connotation and denotation several times, and makes an absurdist parable about how that could be done almost overnight to apply to a completely different group


            Or see this account of the word “guy,” which although it could be a little too apocryphal, is plausible:

            how it shifted from the proper name, Guy Fawkes, to apply to any sort of fop or dandy, and then to any grotesque fellow, and eventually to men in general, and yet now is embraced by both sexes who like to identify themselves as “just one of the guys”


            But re: your reference to ‘Alice’ led me to this passage in the Wiki article on “Third-wave feminism” which may be apropos, given your reactions:

            “Rebecca Walker, in ‘To Be Real,’ writes about her fear of rejection by her mother (author Alice Walker) and by her godmother (Gloria Steinem) for challenging their views:

            ‘Young Women feminists find themselves watching their speech and tone in their works so as not to upset their elder feminist mothers. There is a definite gap among feminists who consider themselves to be second wave and those who would label themselves as third wave. Although, the age criteria for second wave feminists and third wave feminists is murky, younger feminists definitely have a hard time proving themselves worthy as feminist scholars and activists.’ ”


    • Philip says:

      “Women’s libbers”? Really? The April 1973 Mad magazine issue called and it wants it’s phrase back. I guess you also missed the irony of “chik” vs “chick” which is actually quite……. ( wait for it) ……. ironic.

      As long as we are starting rumors George, here is a juicy one. I heard that Tim Hudak is going to bottom for Rod Ford on a parade float in next years Pride. Heard that from a guy who heard it from another guy.
      See how this whole rumor thing works George?

      • allegra fortissima says:

        From now on I’ll call all the cute guys out there “cock ‘n’ balls”.

        Don’t miss the irony and add it to your rumors, guys!

        • Philip says:

          Doesn’t bother me! Whatever blows the hair back I always say.
          You could always start your own rumors. Ask George how it done. 🙂

          • allegra fortissima says:

            Why did the Chick cross the road? – To escape the bourgeois middle class and get a chance in hell.

            Let’s start with this one 🙂

  8. GritChik says:

    Lessons in feminism from a man. The irony.

  9. Jan says:

    Women using the word chick is on a par with African Americans using the ‘N’ word to describe each other or gay men calling themselves queer. It’s when it’s used in the traditional, demeaning way it’s a problem. Try to keep up with the culture.

  10. DB Smith says:

    “Here are the facts, from GritChik and others”

    Using oneself and the individuals that one marches with as the source for the “facts’, is seldom seen as being the most re lie able way to vetted ones own personal opinion as it does lead the informed to question the motive and history has shown that these informed individuals who do vote do not vote for those “facts”

  11. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    Here are the facts from Planned Parenthood Toronto, the Toronto Star, and others, including the campaign life coalition…..

    1)http://www.ppt.on.ca/ Scroll down to bottom of mainpage…..




    Happy now, Pointdexter?…..

  12. Peter says:

    Hudak is Pro-Life? Thank you for that information, though it does make my decision more difficult now… I’ve never voted Conservative since Harris caused so many problems but I can’t support murder

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