07.08.2011 07:31 AM

Hudak PCs want to put prisoners in your neighbourhood (part of a continuing series)

It’s in their platform.  And I can tell you – I promise – this PC policy will end up doing them more damage that the funding of private religious schools.  It’s their policy Vietnam.

Check this out:

A 34-year-old Croswell man eluded police Thursday afternoon after escaping from an inmate work detail at St. Clair County Sheriff Animal Control…

A tracking dog from the Port Huron Police Department was called to the scene but was unable to locate Miller.

This isn’t the first time an inmate has escaped from a work detail at animal control…

In 2007, Robert Rawza ran from the shelter and was on the lam for about a week. He was sentenced to serve 18 months to six years in prison on a charge of escaping jail. He had been in jail for violating parole by not registering as a sex offender. As a sex offender, officials said he shouldn’t have been in a work detail, which are for nonviolent criminals.

Donnellon said there always is a risk in using inmates for free labor for the different county entities and municipalities.

This, I suspect, is just the start:


  1. Cath says:

    No need for private religious schools any more Warren – what with the TDSB and their coterminous Catholic board essentially bringing faiths into the public system, with our taxdollars. FB schooling is alive and very well. One-system anyone? (enter NDP platform).

    You’re really reaching with this. Two points though. There’s a correctional facility in my immediate area where once or twice a year an inmate escapes in to the community. The community has an emergency plan for that when and if it does occur.

    Also, there may be sex offenders living in any of our neighborhoods in safe houses, but we can’t find out that information. We should be able to do so. We may already have dangerous offenders in our communities and not be aware of it…..so the idea of chain gangs and what MIGHT happen doesn’t scare me.

  2. VH says:

    Is this yet another YouTube only ad? C’mon Warren, you know that’s just preaching to the choir and doesn’t really count.
    Talk to me when it’s playing on TV. Is there some reason why it’s not?

    (As an aside, I hope the Ontario PCs aren’t going to repeat the Paul Martin mistake and only start the real ads halfway through the election campaign when it’s way too late. There’s a reason the Fed Cons were lambasting Dion and then Iggy with negative ads well before the election writ. Why hasn’t the McGuinty team done the same to Hudak with the criminals in your neighbourhood thing?)

  3. Cath says:

    As I wrote previously the chain work gang issue isn’t the game changer.

    The issue in this column could be a game changing issue IMO. So far all party-leader responses to this issue have been a cop-out. I think there is much hay to be made and votes garnered by the party that is willing to take this issue on and promise a serious move to get serious about exploring this issue thoroughly, inclusively and provincially. It’s time that doors and minds opened to either more support by government to choice, none at all, or a balance (like in Alberta).


  4. Africon says:

    So I’m guessing those “high security” prisons that McGuinty has been building are not ……..

    ummmmmm, “American style” prisons ?

  5. Dude Love says:

    And where do you think convicts once paroled end up? They live in the boonies or on a secret island. They end up in our communities and neighborhood.

  6. Walker says:

    Gov. Scott Walker replaces jobs formally held by union members with prisoners. More here: Cell: http://www.readersupportednews.org/off-site-opinion-section/63-63/6528-union-workers-replaced-with-prison-labor-under-walkers-anti-union-law

    With Hudak, this same stuff is coming to Ontario

  7. Publius says:

    Let us be careful to avoid Willie Horton like demagoguery. I agree the PC policy is ill advised. But let’s not go overboard in villifying prisoners or suggesting the whole province will go up in flames if it’s implemented. I don’t think this policy will have nearly same traction as the religious schools question. Taxes and the economy will be the big issues this time around I think.

    • RN200 says:

      It will be a triple-E campaign – economy, electricity and education. Polling or advertising on any other topic is probably a waste of the war chest.

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