07.26.2011 05:20 AM

In today’s Sun: the NDP’s voice

What hit you first was the voice.

Driving into Toronto from northern Ontario, that’s what struck you first. The voice. NDP Leader Jack Layton on the radio, announcing to a stunned Ottawa he was stepping down to battle what he called a “new cancer.”

And his voice — the voice that had propelled Layton and his New Democrats to its biggest-ever victory on May 2 — sounded like it belonged to another man. A much older man.


  1. Cath says:

    Why are too many journalists writing Jack’s eulogy today instead of supporting his resolve and strength of determination which one hopes will see him through this better than him waking up to some articles that have written him off as already having lost his battle?
    Yes, he looked very different and sick but I’m reading all of the columns about him today with indifference…..which is unusual.

  2. Cath says:

    I actually like this column, Don Martin’s and yours of all of them this morning.


  3. Ted H says:

    Everyone wishes him the best and prays for a complete recovery but frankly, a second cancer and such a frail appearance in a short time, we have to admit that it does not look good for Jack. It’s not fair.

  4. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    That was a very classy column, Mr. Kinsella……

  5. MattMcD says:

    It’s a shame that some of the Sun’s readers seem to relish the news that JL is ill. I’m not a Tory but I’d never want to see anything horrible befall the Prime Minister.

    It’s always much more enjoyable to watch a debate between opponents who are passionate about what they believe in, than it is to see an act of god silence one’s opponent.

    Here’s hoping that Jack makes a speedy recovery and is back in his seat in October.

    • Phil in London says:

      MattMcD I think your comment is a little harsh, I’m a Tory and yes I happen to enjoy Sun News but I don’t feel particularly joyful of Jack Layton’s illness. I hope he does make a speedy recovery but it was said here before the writ was dropped by WK himself that Jack was not well, in fact my memory seems to recall Warren suggesting the NDP might even prop up the minority and referenced Jack’s health.

      Now, I’m not suggesting WK knew more than he was letting on but the broken hip following the prostate treatment speaks to ill health. The second cancer is not exactly a ringing endorsement of Jack’s continued health and a full recovery. I like you hope and dare I say pray for that outcome.

      However, I do feel some Conservatives and even some Liberals may be justified in questioning what the NDP is without Jack Layton?

      I think anyone woudl adimit many Quebeckers did not vote for the NDP but rather for a forgotten son of sorts a Quebecker like themselves that courted them well.

      I think it’s fair game to question the NDP without Jack because it’s inevitable at some point he will not be leader and this setback may change his priorities in life even if he does recover completely. My hearing of the commentary was not of joy for Jack’s illness but a legitimate raising of the question if no Jack what is the NDP?

  6. Darren K says:

    I completely agree. The voice I heard was not the Jack we all know.

    God Bless, and speedy recovery! He is our last hope for democracy for the next 4 years in Ottawa!

  7. Tired of it All says:

    I did not hear his voice. I only saw his picture. It took my breath away. Six years ago, my father-in-law succumbed to cancer, and three years after, one of my closest friends did the same at the age of 38. I know that look, that hollowing. I hope Mr. Layton can fight back, I really do.

  8. Justin says:

    It was an excellent article, too bad SUN readers don’t have the basic human emotion of caring, by reading some of the comments. But hey that’s why they voted for Ford.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jack.

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