07.25.2011 01:01 PM

Jack Layton

Hope and pray he’s okay.


  1. Northbaytrapper says:

    He didn’t look well today. Prayers for his strength.

  2. Scotty Rowe says:

    Very sad. I was stunned by how he looked and sounded. What a rapid decline. I hope he pulls off another miracle.

  3. Richard says:

    I hate cancer. Best wishes to Jack for a full recovery.

  4. Cath says:

    Likewise wishing Jack the strength to tackle this battle. I have to admire that even as sick as he is (and I think he’s a very sick man) his resolve and his conviction is rock solid.

    I wish we could find a cure.

  5. okay says:

    really bad news especially for left wings

    If he knows he is sick and has big risk
    of 40% become more ill

    he should not become candidate

    because it wast tax payer now has no way for new election

    Harper win again

    he took Ignatieff out with number of village in Saskatoon with gun risgerty
    he took French guy with language
    he took Jack Layton with illness

    now harper has not MORE compatitors\\

    he wins again but as Canadian election show that or waht they Candian wish for in big number election it was more toward left to toward right

    again harper win last competitor
    is this purposely planed or it just happend!

    and can be good for Jack for his penstion plan higher income but not fair for himself to put his body in too much job and stress and put Canadian lef wing with no leader in middle of too much job here

    If accidental death or accidental illness is acceptable


    for leader with strong desease in future need leader do check up with doctor to go to election period.

    you can be old or young but must be healthy to pass 4 years period at least to participate in election

    • TofKW says:

      Ummm, is this a joke? If you are for real, you know you’re not helping the stereotype of Reformatory supporters typically having little education …and even less class.

      • Northbaytrapper says:

        What makes you say he’s a Conservative TofKW? Congratulations, you’re the first person to politicize this.

        Do you think I have little education and little class? Just curious.

        • smelter rat says:


        • Philip says:

          The comments section in the Globe and Mail was filled with examples of right wing hate and bile directed at Jack and Olivia Layton. A few of those posters were from the Blogging Tories site. Pure class.

          • Northbaytrapper says:

            Sorry you think so lowly of me smelter. I didn’t realize that you know me. If I have offended you with a classless act I sincerely apologize. I did however, put the question to TofKW, but I thank you for picking up the ball and running with it.

          • Northbaytrapper says:

            you’re associating me with those assholes?

            Anyone who attacks a sick man is no associate or friend of mine. Jack Layton is a proud Canadian and a patriot and I love him as a Canadian brother.

            I’m not sure what game you think you are playing with posters and bloggers on the other side of the political spectrum, but to assume that they reflect in any way Conservative minded folks is unfair and inaccurate. For example, I do not use the inane drippings found at Rabble to form opinions of folks on the left.

            Philip, blind associations are dishonest and say more about the people making them than they do about those they are intending to besmirch.

          • Philip says:

            Nice try Sunshine.

          • northbaytrapper says:

            Nice rebuttal Philip.

  6. David says:

    Best Wishes MR.Layton for a speedy recovery

  7. Tiger says:

    It looked bad today, but cancer treatments are really tough medicine.

    Layton’s a fighter — let’s hope he has a good fight left in him, and can beat this and return to parliament this fall as he intends.

  8. MattMcD says:

    Hope he’s going to be alright. Given his track record for this sort of thing, he’s not the kind of person who is going to let this slow him down. He’ll be back.

  9. Cath says:

    from the PM

    “Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Jack Layton’s leave of absence from his position as leader of the Official Opposition

    July 25, 2011
    Ottawa, Ontario

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement after hearing Jack Layton will take a temporary leave of absence from his position as leader of the Official Opposition:

    “I was deeply saddened today to hear that Jack Layton is temporarily leaving his post as leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition and leader of the New Democratic Party.

    “Mr. Layton is passionate about his convictions and the future of our great country. I would like to wish Jack a successful recovery so he can quickly return to his post.

    “I salute the courage Mr. Layton continues to show in his fight against cancer, a fight that more and more Canadians are winning. We are all heartened by Jack’s strength and tireless determination, which with Mr. Layton will never be in short supply.

    “On behalf of Laureen and myself, and on behalf of our entire Conservative caucus, I would like to offer our heartfelt support to Jack, Olivia and their family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time.”

  10. Rick T. says:

    As the fighter you are, you will beat this cancer.

  11. Pete says:

    I too hope he comes out of this latest illness. Cancer is the scourge of our times.

    Of other interest is the fact thye have nmaed an untested MP as interim leader. That tells me there is some preparation for succession and a leadership race in case Jack has to resign.

  12. Bil Huk says:

    Jack is in our family’s prayers.

    reading most of the good wishes on here trumping political affiliations makes me feel good about Canada and the people in it.

  13. Michael S says:

    Turmel is bright and capable, the NDP’s Herb Grey. However asking for her to take on the interim role leaving ambitious deputies free does send an onimous signal, one that hints he is not coming back.

  14. Philippe says:

    My heart dropped when I saw the way he looked… my only wish is to see him bounce back with his legendary smile. He’s a rare breed, and my guess is that he’ll make it back stronger than ever.

  15. Golfrgrl says:

    Agree with those who were shocked at his deterioration. I too was taken aback. But if you recall how he looked at Pride this year……had a long sleeved shirt on (it was a very hot day) and looked frail……

    To have seen him bring his dream so close to fruition and then have this set back seems so unfair

    I believe that if anyone can beat this it’s Jack. Godspeed!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Ditto. He needs to really take enough time this time around – lots of sun, fishing, taking care of himself.

    Send positive thoughts, photos, poems. It helps to know people are thinking about you when you’re sick.

    If those who are predicting things about who’s taking over could just keep it quiet, that would help too.

  17. Philip says:

    I was shocked by both the picture in the Globe and the sound of his voice. My thoughts and prayers are with Jack and his family.

  18. Sonja says:

    It’s now time to take care of yourself Jack. You took of this country and now it’s your turn.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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