07.30.2011 08:18 AM

Memo to those who told me Hudak’s defund-abortion promise isn’t relevant

Um, you’re wrong.

The poll also suggests Hudak’s views on abortion may have hurt him.

(The polling firm) found 56 per cent of Ontarians think women should be allowed to terminate a pregnancy in all circumstances with 35 per cent agreeing in some circumstances. Only eight per cent are outright opposed to abortion.

Hudak once signed a petition calling for an end to government funding for the procedure but has said he will not reopen the divisive debate, although he considers himself “pro-life.”

“The one thing that can kill the Tories is to be caught out on a social issue and there’s nothing like abortion in terms of a social issue,” said Bozinoff.


  1. john says:

    Yay! I was one of those who received that call. I’m glad that I helped bring his numbers down!

  2. Pete says:

    Hudak peaked way too soon for an opposition party. Dalton and his team will ramp up and attack everything Hudak has said and overwhelm the Cons with platform anouncements and a real ad blitz. That’s how these things are won.

    The abortion issue can be brought up at every riding candidates meeting to drive home the Mike Harris theme. It will be in the leaders debates for sure.

  3. Jim Hayes says:

    Why does it surprise anyone that PCers are anti-abortion? This is the same bunch who promote chain-gangs, who oppose prison rehab and want only punishment, who want to restrict immigration and who have a number of rednecks from the Ontario landowners association as important parts of their party and platform

  4. Tiger says:

    Better to be ten points up than ten points down…

    • Michael says:

      Better to be one point up on election day than ten points up before the writ is even dropped. 😉

      • Tiger says:

        Sure, but we’re not at e-day yet.

        We are where we are — which happens to still include a double-digit Hudak lead.

      • The Doctor says:

        Yes Michael, that must have been what the Liberal Party of Canada braintrust said when they triggered that most recent federal election.

        Words to live by. 🙂

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