07.11.2011 02:39 PM

More on Kai

This young man has captured the attention of many people.

I hope we hear from him again.


  1. Wayne says:

    Future Liberal MP perhaps.

  2. Tiger says:

    I bet he ends up in Parliament someday if he wants to go down that path.

    Re what he wrote — if he didn’t feel that he honestly could play things down the middle given where things are in Canada, he did exactly the right thing — prepare to move to a career/role where he could voice his beliefs. It’s a free country — no-one is forcing him to stay in that job, in that role.

    But re the idea that Nagata’s non-ideological — well, we all think that, don’t we? We wouldn’t pitch the ideas we do if we didn’t believe in them.

    So that ridiculous sub-point aside, if he doesn’t like where things are going — great, pitch in, offer us an idea of where things OUGHT to go.

    I wouldn’t vote for you, Kai, but judging from the public reaction to the piece, there are plenty of people who would.

    • Philip says:

      I think you are right about how we see ourselves as non-ideological. Rational, even minded beings certainly but never seized by ideology. That’s the other guy, the one who holds the opposing one viewpoint! I certainly have fallen into that particular trap a time or two.
      In fairness, I think he is still trying to work out where he figures things ought to go,

      • JH says:

        Good comment Philip particularly on how we see ourselves and ideology. So true. It’s demonstrated on political chat boards and blogs every day. Applies to us all, though all will not admit it and many probably blew right by your comment for that very reason.
        Thanks for positing it.

  3. Allan Robb says:

    Tim Who Dat ? Since the Indian won the Battle of Caledonia, Ontario has lost its mojo….. Tim Who Dat? seems to think we’ve all lost our mind as well. His constant twisting of the truth and facts might warm the core but for the rest of us, its a bore. All that taxpayer cash should give him Maids, Cable…and anything else he wants aplenty except the keys to the Premier’s office…
    Signed…Okay I was wrong about Dion and Iggy,,but Tim, Who Dat?

  4. In a re-posted commentary in The Tyee, Mr. Nagata wrote, “People will still read a 3,000 word essay.”

    Warren, I remember you writing last year or before that if the news industry wants to maintain its audience, the different media outlets will need to write and present in-depth stories rather than the short “infotainment news-stories” that seek to attract a younger audience. I’m just paraphrasing your thoughts.

  5. Peter Jay says:

    Ha, the funny thing is – you never heard of him before (same here btw). Shows how relevant TV News is. He just figured out now that TV is for entertainment?

    • The Doctor says:

      Yeah, apparently that passes for profundity these days.

    • Attack! says:

      but the fact that he was just on the QC Legislature beat could certainly explain why few in the ROC have heard of him before, but that seems to have escaped you, which kinda shows how relevant _you_ are.

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