07.18.2011 11:57 AM

The types of people Tim Hudak wants to put in your neighbourhood (updated)

UPDATE: Oh, wait. I’m not being fair. Hudak announced today he plans to put a GPS bracelet on the violent thug standing next to your toddler in the playground! Feel better?


  1. Chester can make sure that our playgrounds and swimming pools are clean.

  2. WildGuesser says:

    Crime? You mean crimes aren’t decreasing? Maybe Stephen Harper was right and we do need those super-jails. I guess I’d better get my 905 neighbours to vote CPC provincially so there’s no red tape in getting them built here in Ontario. Thank you for bringing the crime issue back to my attention. I had almost forgotten about it. McGuinty must not have been on the ball in letting it get out of hand once again.

  3. Wannabeapiper says:

    Was at the gym this morning, overheard conversations about this subject matter. Sadly, everyone in the conversation likes retributive justice-the kind that puts criminals into community/public service. The Libs will have to really step up the education on this one. People are making big big assumptions that there will be meaningful places to put them, that Unions won’t fight the use of such labour, that the criminals are just chocolate thiefs, and again they are supervised by police with guns and dogs and the criminals are chained and wearing striped pajamas so they can be easily identified. They even like the idea of a clean Tory sweep-Fed, Prov, Municipal. I am not kidding either! The sample size of course is small, but if this is any indication of the public opinion, invest money into security businesses.

    This is a frustrating issue because people arn’t thinking about the implications.

    As always-when I am King, well, there will be changes. Big ones!

    • dave says:

      Y’r right about the security industry. Plus, getting the convicts out and about working sets up another great opportunity for private capital to convert another part of the commons into private property. Enterprising types would love to have convicts doing the work, – their wages are very little, discipline is pretty basic, and their benefits, if any, are picked up by the public purse.

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