07.11.2011 02:14 PM

Tim Hudak wants you to pay for his maid and cable

See the detailsĀ here.


  1. Blair says:

    I guess this is the direction of politics and political advertising these days. Good to see it isn’t strictly Conservative who are doing it though.

    Everyone is willing to bend the truth and throw out red herrings these days. Makes a guy wish he just didn’t give a damn about politics anymore.

  2. K says:

    Seems a lot like the voter suppression you were rallying against a few posts ago…

  3. Cameron Prymak says:

    Stop the gravy train.

  4. RN200 says:

    So McGuinty DOESN’T have us paying for all those things for him as premier then? It’s good to know that at least Dalton doesn’t take our money and waste it.

    Irony meter explodes in 3, 2, 1…

  5. Jane says:

    Sure, the guy’s gross for requesting and accepting those things. But shit, of all the major issues with Hudak and the Conservatives, this is the one the Liberals chose to raise? Way to make it look like this is among the greatest issues with the man and his party by choosing to focus on it instead of one of the many, you know, actual, serious problems with them, thereby minimising their true failures. Seems the Liberals just can’t see the forest for the trees.

  6. Jane (and not the Jane as posted above) says:

    I’ve only ever posted one comment re: the abortion issue. Interesting some using my name. How many women let alone a Jane on here? lol

  7. Cath says:

    keep it up this stuff and the NDP will continue their upward movement. There’s enough mud on both sides to stick to the Liberals AND Conservatives…hey but carry on…….

  8. Tom says:

    People do realize that they pay Dalton with taxes and he probably uses that wage to buy cable and maids too right? Unless I’m wrong and I just suddenly skipped some elementary comprehension class, but that’s what the majority of the world uses wages for right? To buy things for themselves…

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