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“Tony Grenco” in his own words

That’s what the PCs called the rubenesque Tony at his nomination meeting tonight. “Tony Grenco.”

Here’s some of the stuff Grenco has said in the past. I and others will enjoy seeing Greg Sorbara put this loser through a meat grinder.


“The Tory wrecking crew has gone too far. Let’s put our families and community first.”
Tony Genco, Candidate Card, 1999

“(The Ontario PCs) have increased the debt by $24 billion – they closed hospitals and increased classroom size. Our children will be paying for (the Ontario PCs) promises. Let’s put an end to policies that have hurt our community and mortgaged our children?s future.” Tony Genco, Campaign brochure, 1999

“Ontario has somehow become a meaner place for seniors, the poor and the sick” since the Conservatives got control of the purse strings, Genco said. “They’ve taken the care out of health care and learning out of education. They think government is a business, but it’s not. It’s the guardian of the public trust.” Tony Genco, Toronto Star, June 1, 1999

“First they fire the nurses and then they rehire them just before the election,” Genco said. “They want an American-type, credit card health-care system. One system for the rich, another for the rest of us.” Tony Genco, Toronto Star, May 20, 1999

Genco said Harris is the ‘Gordon Gekko’ of politics (after a movie character who is a greedy 1980s-style stockbroker). “He’s trying to condition us to be selfish and intolerant, to make greed good.” Tony Genco, Toronto Star, June 1, 1999

Cutting income taxes before retiring the provincial deficit, he added, is irresponsible. “They’ve put my daughter $23.2 billion in debt,” Genco said. “I don’t know any business that would borrow to pay shareholders a dividend.” Tony Genco, Toronto Star, June 1, 1999

“The air we breathe and the water we drink know no borders. Maybe Mike Harris and company want us to think we don’t need municipal governments – let’s get rid of them all and save big bucks. Or maybe the real question is: Does this government have the courage to care about the really important things?” Tony Genco, Letter to the Editor, Toronto Star, April 10, 2000


“Conservatives are in for commanding, controlled government while Liberals are for working together in collaboration. Liberals are in the government to make everyone a winner, and Conservatives only make some people winners.” Tony Genco, South Asian Generation Next, November 10, 2010


Genco, former director of the Vaughan hospital foundation, calls Fantino’s comment “nonsensical – it demonstrates how little understanding this candidate has for how the system works.” He credits Sorbara with getting the hospital into the planning stage. Toronto Star, November 20, 2010

“The hospital plan of action is already in place – and I know others have been advocating for this for many, many years including your local member of provincial parliament Greg Sorbara who I have been working very closely with on putting a strategy in place along with the many volunteers from Vaughan and York Central board of directors.” Tony Genco, Tele-Town Hall Meeting, November 9, 2010

“That is a very good question and a very important question. Most of it falls in the area of my friend Greg Sorbara, the MPP for Vaughan and he is a very good and experienced guy and I am sure we could find ways to work with you on making sure that your needs and concerns are addressed.”
Tony Genco, Tele-Town Hall Meeting, November 9, 2010

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  1. Andrew says:

    You should put up the video of Justin Trudeau supporting Tony Genco.

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