07.29.2011 08:56 AM


My daughter, back from a month at camp, was singing this with me in the car last night (we saw AF, as did Daisy colleague Josh, at a simply amazing show at the Phoenix last month).  The song reminded me of Tony Grenco, I told her.  I don’t know who that is, she said.

“You never will, either,” I said.  “No one will.”


  1. Campbell says:

    Perhaps Mr. Genco is merely reacting to McGuinty’s backward stance on selling beer in convenience stores…
    As Liberal as I am inclined to be, it will be very difficult for me to support McGuinty in the coming election if he continues to provide a functional monopoly to the three foreign-owned multination corporations who run The Beer Store. I would recommend he obtain some guts, stand up for Ontarians, and take the profits out of the hands of Molson Coors, Labatt and Sleeman, and start putting them into the hands of honest hardworking convenience store owners. Consumers want to be able to take their dollars to a store that respects them as customers — you will never find that at a monopoly who knows they don’t have to fight for your business. End The Beer Store’s advantage now!

    • Andrew says:

      I stopped buying beer from the Beer Store a few years ago and buy direct from all the craft brewers.

      • campbell says:

        Good on you Andrew. I wish that model worked well for me or for a majority of Ontarians! It doesn’t though, so it would be nice if our provincial government would see fit to allow convenience stores to sell the craft beers they choose based on what their customers want – imagine how much less Blue and Canadian would be sold if our consumer preferences were actually considered by the retailer!

        (of course, I suspect exactly that is what is keeping the pressure on McGuinty to retain the status quo… multi-national big beer companies will never know what is best for us, only what’s best for them)

  2. Big Old Goofy Man says:

    Does she still remember Rocco Rossi?

  3. WildGuesser says:

    Turncoat… is Bob Rae in the house?

  4. Raymond says:

    “You never will, either,” I said. ”No one will.”

    Ha! Sounds like one of those apocalyptic quotes from Planet of the Apes that seem to pop up on this thread every now & again.

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