07.08.2011 02:05 PM

Write-about about Hogsback High

Oliver’s might be better known for inexpensive draft, air hockey and its Thursday-night DJ party, but Brousseau isn’t the first politico to put in time there. Gordon Brown, BAHons/83, is the Conservative MP for Leeds-Grenville. He never worked the bar, but he did share more than a few pints with his buddies Warren Kinsella, BJ/84; Jim Watson, BA/83; Bob Richardson, BAHons/85; and James Villeneuve, BA/85.

For the record, Gordie, Jim, James, Bob and I never drank at Oliver’s.  We in fact never drank.  All we did was study, and devote ourselves to charitable efforts.



  1. JStanton says:

    …I remember. You were the rather odd-looking bunch sitting silently in one of the lounges late at night, reading text books. We would reel past you, stuffed with bourbon, beer and Indian food, shouting unintelligibly, only to be silenced and a little creeped-out by the incongruity of your situation.

    It seems then that abstinence and celibacy lead to politics. That answers an enormous amount, actually.


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