08.09.2011 11:17 AM

…and, just in case you thought the Ontario NDP weren’t dumb, too (updated)

Check out this, from Ontario MPP Cathy Crowe’s Twitter page:

What’s the big deal, you ask?

Well, “Cathy Crowe MPP” isn’t an MPP.

Perhaps it escaped her notice.  You know, that she wasn’t elected and all.

Or, perhaps, she’s taking cues from her leader’s moral gymnastics on the HST – you know, lying in ads about swiftly getting rid of the HST, when her platform makes clear that she’ll do no such thing.

Ontario’s NDP: where even the truth gets airbrushed.

UPDATE: wk.com gets results, folks!


  1. Attack! says:

    wow, they’re watching you like a hawk, WK…

    she’s already changed it, retroactively, to: ‘4mpp’:


    (and her site’s currently offline to, um, catch up with those changes),

    but there’s still vestiges of it at TweetCommons, Ontario MPPs:

    (incl. an RT of one of her posts, forwarded by Ms Horwath:

  2. Peter Mumford says:

    I gather this is the same candidate that gave us this little gem? – http://warrenkinsella.com/2011/06/those-knew-democrats-shure-are-smrt/

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