08.09.2011 11:17 AM

…and, just in case you thought the Ontario NDP weren’t dumb, too (updated)

Check out this, from Ontario MPP Cathy Crowe’s Twitter page:

What’s the big deal, you ask?

Well, “Cathy Crowe MPP” isn’t an MPP.

Perhaps it escaped her notice. ¬†You know, that she wasn’t elected and all.

Or, perhaps, she’s taking cues from her leader’s moral gymnastics on the HST – you know, lying in ads about swiftly getting rid of the HST, when her platform makes clear that she’ll do no such thing.

Ontario’s NDP: where even the truth gets airbrushed.

UPDATE: wk.com gets results, folks!


  1. Attack! says:

    wow, they’re watching you like a hawk, WK…

    she’s already changed it, retroactively, to: ‘4mpp’:


    (and her site’s currently offline to, um, catch up with those changes),

    but there’s still vestiges of it at TweetCommons, Ontario MPPs:

    (incl. an RT of one of her posts, forwarded by Ms Horwath:

  2. Peter Mumford says:

    I gather this is the same candidate that gave us this little gem? – http://warrenkinsella.com/2011/06/those-knew-democrats-shure-are-smrt/

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