08.09.2011 06:33 AM

Benedict Baldy Update

He’s in today’s Star, attempting to sound unconcerned.  Here are three simple realities with which he should be concerned:

1.  Every Liberal alive intensely hates his guts.

2.  He’s twenty points back of Mike Colle.

3.  Every Liberal alive intensely hates his guts.

Enjoy your week in the sun, BB.  By mid-October, you’ll be lining up for pogey.

Benedict Baldy, not exactly as pictured, but close.


  1. Craig D says:

    He is a very unfortunate looking indeed. The likeness in this post is not bad but I feel as a public service I should point out that Rocco Rossi is a dead ringer for the Red Skull http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Skull

  2. Mike says:

    Just for clarity, non-Liberals also mostly hate the guy’s guts, as he’s a coward and bully with no values. Frankly, even most Tories think he’s a dooche.

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