08.28.2011 07:33 AM

Calling all Irene-watchers

Three of my kids, along with their Mom and two friends, have decided – like the Bushes – to ride out Irene in Kennebunkport.

They are on the water (but a bit away from it), and well-stocked with batteries, flashlights, candles, drinking water and food. The tubs are full of water for flushing toilets, and everything that could fly away has been brought inside. They seem ready and in good spirits. (I, meanwhile, had to leave at dawn yesterday to get my Mom home, eldest son to hockey camp, and me back to the Ontario campaign).

If any of you are at a keyboard today, and want to pass along Maine-related news links, we would be most grateful. I will send those along to our Team Irene by text, as we all expect power will be gone sometime today.

Many thanks and here’s hoping Maine, P.Q., New Brunswick and beyond are ready. We were evacuated due to Hurricane Bob in ’91, but that seems like nothing compared to Irene’s power.


  1. Finn says:

    Looks like it will hit Maine early on Monday mng (2 am)

    You can track it here.


  2. Michael Reintjes says:

    We’re heading to Maine in a few weeks and have been talking to our friends there and it seems that they are not particularly worried abut it at all.

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