08.09.2011 09:11 AM

Charlie McGillivary

Like Joe, I have been very disturbed with what I’ve heard about this tragedy. Read his story. Among other things, it will expose as utter B.S. the claim that the paper I write for is pro-police 24/7.


  1. Derek Pearce says:

    The SIU is “waiting” for the officers to come talk to them? Did I read that correctly? That’s half the problem right there. How about the police just “wait” for suspects to go in and be interviewed from now and we’ll see how that works out. No wonder the SIU always, ALWAYS rules in favour of the police whenever they murder somebody.

  2. Bob says:

    if officers don’t submit to questioning … why can’t they be fired?

    They can enjoy their constitutional rights as private citizens.

  3. Attack! says:

    Not an isolated incident, either.

    The BC Civil Liberties Assoc. produced a report on Police-Involved Deaths, and the need for independent investigations (by Coroners, e.g., a la Da Vinci’s Inquest), in the wake of the Robert Dziekanski tasering


    Now, this particular case is somewhat reminiscent of “Of Mice and Men” (involving someone too big and strong for his own good, given his cognitive deficits), and it’s far too early to tell whether the police were as completely out of line as the completely one-sided reporting to date has implied;

    e.g., the public’s reaction may change once it finally comes out what they actually arrested him for (what if he’d accidentally hurt one of the children he was reportedly so fond of?).

    But it certainly does underscore the need for:

    1) more police training on how to deal with people with cognitive, auditory, and linguistic deficits (including temporary ones which sometimes produce overly violent take-downs and being roughly and dangerously abandoned afterwards, like of deaf people or people experiencing insulin shock); and,

    2) independent investigation bodies with real authority to compel cooperation from the police involved.

  4. Mark Dukes says:

    Hi Warren,

    Being all lawyered up like you are, I was wondering if you knew whether or not the S.I.U has a time limit in regards to it’s investigations? There is still no conclusion to Mr. McGillivarys’ death and although I am certain the S.I.U will conclude there are no reasonable grounds to charge the officers involved, I still want to know.


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