08.04.2011 03:41 PM

God is a Liberal

That’s the only rational explanation for Harper’s boneheaded move, here.

He has now enabled us to say:

“Stephen Harper wants the Conservative Party to run Toronto, the country, and the province too. Do you want the same party running everything? Is that a good idea?”

God is indeed a Grit.  Thank you, Lord.


  1. Scott Tribe says:

    Well.. a provincial Grit potentially anyhow. He must have been looking the other way in May.

  2. WDM says:

    God’s been in an old-testament walk through the desert type of mood lately, it seems.

  3. W.B. says:

    Hey Warren. Who is behind the “Road to Nowhere” cheaply made commercials that are bombarding me on CTV? These are so crazy they actually imply, if you think about it, that the State of Michigan is going to disappear!
    Maybe it’s true that Michigan has not approved the bridge right now, but we’re going to need the bridge and Ontario Road to Michigan someday, so why not build it now under infrastructure incentives job creation etc.
    That’s a weird ad.

    • TofKW says:

      The “Road to Nowhere” commercial group is being financed by the Canadian Transit Company – a front for… wait for it… Matty Moroun, the billionaire that owns the Ambassador bridge between Windsor & Detroit. That explains a lot, huh? He’s afraid of the competition a second bridge will create.

      • Windsurfer says:

        I’m just wondering out loud if this qualifies as 3rd party political advertising? Especially in an impending election campaign.

        Then again, I believe the Moroun person is U.S. based, so it may not apply to him.

        Any news?

    • Derek Pearce says:

      My money was on Matty Moroun as well, the guy who owns the Ambassador Bridge. He’s having a conniption over losing his monopoly on truck traffic across that border crossing, and is fighting tooth and nail to stop another bridge from being built. It’s essentially a done deal in spite of recent Michigan state government shenanigans. I don’t know why he thinks wasting his money on these ads will work– even if Hudak is elected, construction of the new crossing will go ahead.

  4. Liz J says:

    Well, er, yes, I want “the same party running everything” if it’s the best of all the rest. It has happened before and at this time it may happen again.

    My God isn’t at all political> I’m betting Liberals have been thanking God for the decrepit mess the NDP are in at this point. I am hoping the Liberals can get their act together and take advantage of that fact, Canada needs a capable, responsible Official Opposition. We don’t have one now.

    • Phil in London says:

      You are right Liz, that’s why it is such a shame the Liberals didn’t choose to rebuild when they lost power and why I can’t understand that they are still electioneering more than navel gazing now.

      However, the point of Harper making a “boneheaded” move is tanother sign of the weakness of Liberals who again see themselves as always right and the only one’s who by God’s hand are allowed to be right and not trying to sell themselves as a party that deserves re-election.

      There is plenty to hate about the McGuinty gang but most of that hate comes from adding mayonnaise to chicken crap and trying to sell it as chicken salad.

      They should have invested more time in the necessity of the HST and less time manufacturing the invisible jobs it has allowed.
      They should have moved ahead on closing the gap on the Solar and Wind FIT instead of trying to sell lemonade for 10 cents a glass while paying 80 cents to produce it.

      We are better off having both of these policies in place but smoke and mirrors will not hide a tired government in need of replacement with fresh ideas.

      I don’t like McGuinty but I think more people could vote for him if I found him more honest then he has been.

      I wish rather than jumping up and saying GOTCHA (again and again) that the Liberals would give a reason to Ontarians to vote for them and not spend so much time harping on the other two.

      Warren a month or so back you said this election is going to be personal, I think you Liberals are making a mistake, it needs to be about selling record if you are to remain in power.

  5. ok says:

    I am not sure god is Liberal
    but because he likes us like us to be free with limited that not damage ourself
    with unlimited of freedom
    but this

    Rob Ford with Harper make me laugh when they are togetehr

    the only think they do not think or care is Toronto or Ontario I guess

    Rob Ford remind me of

    husband of Roseanne serial film

    John Goodman


    Mayor Ford does not need to do anything

    his act make me always laugh and he is funny to me
    may be his face fixture is

    Municipal is right

    federal is right

    NOW they asked

    provincial get right!!



    Canada day in Calgary West: see people faces


    very few immigrant

    Toronto Dundus and Yong
    welcome to city of Toronto:


  6. MississaugaLibPeter says:


    The problem is that Toronto hasn’t imploded under Ford and Canada hasn’t imploded under Harper. And Ontario will not implode if God forbid, a non-Liberal, becomes premier.

    Chicken Little’s time has ended.

    McGuinty has to give all of us (including the provincial Liberals who may stay at home on election day), what Smitherman and Ignatieff failed to do, a GENUINE reason to vote for him.

    Chicken Little’s time has ended.

    People will vote for change sake if they are not offered something better in return. Hudak is not going to make a Tory-like error when he is 10 points ahead. McGuinty has to get his “Leadership” speech onto the television screens of every Ontario voter.

    • smelter rat says:

      Give Ford and Harper time. The implosion will happen soon enough.

      • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

        I agree, Smelter…….Neo-cons being neo-cons, they simply cant help themselves…..it has always been thus…..

        • JenS says:

          I’m not sure how one can say, as there is story after story of Ford loyalists distancing themselves, and talk of potential cuts that are riling the public, that things aren’t imploding. People are seeing what the types of populist promises Ford made actually mean, and there are lots of signs they don’t much like it.

      • Smelter Rat, the implosion is already underway for the environment. Big layoffs at Environment Canada and this slash & hack job at the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. the good folks who are supposed to protect our land and our health from boondoggles like the Tar Sands.


        Canada will be unrecognizable in 4 years.

        • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

          The Cons will “starve the beast” of anything that gets in the way of making dollars for their cronies, whether it be the tar sands, the Enbridge Pipeline Project, or getting to the bottom of why Fraser River salmon and oolichans are disappearing…..forget about the common good, and what is best for future generations of Canadians, and the world as a whole…… but why worry when(for them) the second coming is right round the corner?

          …….I rue the day I had anything to do with these troglodytes…….

    • Pat says:

      Are you in Ontario, Gord?

    • Derek Pearce says:

      Are you in Toronto, Gord? Please elaborate on how Conservatives are “working well municipally,” because I just had a big ol’ LOL.

      • frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

        A Federal CPC “bastion” for now…..Wait til people start to realize what a nightmare their lives have become because of it…….an equivalent of Walkerton is just around the corner, to be sure…..as stated earlier, you folks just cant help yourselves….

      • The Doctor says:

        “an equivalent of Walkerton is just around the corner”

        Yes, the fabled game-changer is just around the corner.

        Just you wait.

        We’re not making this up.

  7. Sean says:

    “stand up to the Feds!” – easiest play in the book.

  8. Tiger says:

    Harper called for his defeat in 2007, too — it didn’t do much. Tory lost that one on his own.

    There’s an argument to be made for splitting one’s ticket. On the other hand, if you’re going to run hard against a PM who just got 45% of the vote in the province, enough for a healthy majority of seats — that could be difficult too.

    But then, you’re the pros.

  9. Unofficial says:

    Nonsense! I wish chicken little’s time was ended, but unfortunately he’s running the country (into the ground).

  10. Tim says:

    I noticed pretty quickly yesterday morning that links to the video all went dead pretty quickly so it was pretty obvious Harper did not want on Youtube. It does though that both the Conservatives and the NDP have been making some unforced errors in the last few days.

  11. RN200 says:

    You’re all just peeved that Smitherman wasn’t smart enough to raise the abortion issue to defeat Ford right? That would’ve worked…

  12. A.Bo says:

    Fyi, an extended video which has Flaherty speaking near the end is on YouTube:


  13. Chris says:

    God may be a Liberal but evidently many of his ‘representatives’ on Earth are not – From the Toronto Star regarding Mayor Ford’s agenda:

    “A Mar. 30 listing said Archbishop Sotirios.” Contacted at his office, the Greek Orthodox leader said, “I’m not going to go into details, but I had him over for lunch at my place with former premier (Bill) Davis and former premier (Mike) Harris.” Ford also met with Harris in December.”

    Suffice to say as someone who is Greek Orthodox myself I have suspected the Archbishop’s political leanings for some time and he has tried to sway people in the past subtle to vote a certain way – it left many church goers very uneasy. I’ve always said the day my church tells me how to vote is the day I stop going.

  14. brucewayne says:

    God, like the Liberal party, is dead.

  15. Anne Peterson says:

    Is God a liberal? I’m not really sure. I know his son’s a social democrat. He tells us to be our brother’s keeper. But one thing I am fairly sure about is that neither of them is a conservative. At least not the kind we have about us now.

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