08.04.2011 06:25 AM

Macleod: Hudak leadership “feeble”

But it’s just as likely part of the Liberals’ search for a wedge issue like the one they exploited so well in 2007, when then-Progressive Conservative leader John Tory lost his grip on the campaign over his promise to extend funding to faith-based schools.

The Liberals raised such an issue last month, accusing Tory leader Tim Hudak of hiding his views on abortion. Hudak, it turns out, had signed a petition during the Tories’ 2009 leadership race favouring withdrawal of public funding for abortion. His response to questions on the issue in July — “I may have signed a petition from my riding in that respect” — was feeble. Hudak said he would “not reopen” the abortion debate, but the issue may have been partly responsible for his party’s recent drop below 40% in the polls — the magic number for a majority government.

The abortion ambush was legitimate. Abortion is one of the most enduring hyper-political issues in Canada. You’d better have your stance clear when you’re looking for a leadership position.

Just how strong are Hudak’s beliefs on abortion, and is he likely to act on them? He has to explain.

This is fair game in politics.


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