08.04.2011 06:25 AM

Macleod: Hudak leadership “feeble”

But it’s just as likely part of the Liberals’ search for a wedge issue like the one they exploited so well in 2007, when then-Progressive Conservative leader John Tory lost his grip on the campaign over his promise to extend funding to faith-based schools.

The Liberals raised such an issue last month, accusing Tory leader Tim Hudak of hiding his views on abortion. Hudak, it turns out, had signed a petition during the Tories’ 2009 leadership race favouring withdrawal of public funding for abortion. His response to questions on the issue in July — “I may have signed a petition from my riding in that respect” — was feeble. Hudak said he would “not reopen” the abortion debate, but the issue may have been partly responsible for his party’s recent drop below 40% in the polls — the magic number for a majority government.

The abortion ambush was legitimate. Abortion is one of the most enduring hyper-political issues in Canada. You’d better have your stance clear when you’re looking for a leadership position.

Just how strong are Hudak’s beliefs on abortion, and is he likely to act on them? He has to explain.

This is fair game in politics.


  1. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    In the words of Montgomery Burns: “Excellent!”……

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