08.09.2011 10:20 AM

No Con hat trick

Enzo weighs in – and he writes for a Dipper paper!

Not to overstate it, but a hat trick for the Cons – Rob Ford in Toronto, Stephen Harper in Ottawa and Hudak at Queen’s Park – would unalterably change the landscape for years to come, in my opinion for the worse. We’re already seeing what the Ford and Harp electoral victories have meant for the tone of public discourse.

Hudak seems to be relying, too, on the prevailing nastiness, saying just about anything he thinks will get him elected, even bending the truth a little when it suits him. Call it the new truthiness in politics. Say something often enough…  It worked for Ford right?

Hudak’s shocking meanderings on the energy file is one example of this. It’s easy to knock the Grits for rising hydro rates. Only, it was privatization, deregulation whatever you want to call it, of the energy sector under the Harris government, in which Hudak was a minister by the way, that caused the ballooning rates Hudak’s trying to blame the Libs for now…

The Grits, unlike their counterparts in the federal wing of the party decimated in the last election by years of complacency at the grassroots, have been dogging Hudak at every turn, playing up his double-talk on certain policy issues, (HST, all-day kindergarten, Green Energy Act) and getting nasty when they’ve needed to be. (See Hudak’s flip-flop on abortion; George Lepp and the mystery penis).

Grit efforts seem to be paying off, with the most recent poll showing Hudak’s lead shrinking.



  1. Eric says:

    do you receive a royalty for his use of the phrase reformatory?

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