08.30.2011 07:41 AM

Quote: “County council cringes at Hudak claim”

That’s a quote – in a headline, no less. ¬†And it’s from a smaller-town Ontario paper, in a region the PCs insist they “own.”


“A Conservative government in Ontario could mean additional costs for municipalities, a Hastings County official says.

A statement made by Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak during the annual AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) conference last week prompted county councillors to ask for a report on how its finances would be impacted if the province’s ongoing services upload was to stop.”


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    bigcitylib says:

    This might be Hudak’s John Tory moment. How stupid is it to go before a bunch of mayors and tell them straight out you’re going to screw them over? Of course each one of the mayors went home and called their local newspaper.

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