08.20.2011 07:03 AM

Quote of the Summer

“I really don’t think any campaign should have to use a seance to get their vote out.”


  1. Ted (not the other one) says:

    My partner got one of those automated calls from the Sherman campaign urging her to sign up before the deadline. My question at the time was where did his campaign get her cell number. She’s relatively new to Alberta and has not been politically involved. We didn’t call back. Now I’m wondering if she’s on the list anyway.

  2. And it went out of fashion with MacKenzie King.

  3. frmr disgruntled Con, now Happy Lib says:

    Ive always felt that in order to be able to vote in a leadership race, a a party member, whatever the party, should be a member in good standing for six months to a year before being allowed the privelege of voting……In my personal experience, signing up “instant members” may spur interest and raise the party’s profile, but “instant members”, for the most part, are never heard from again after the vote is taken……and yes “instant members” swell the party numbers, and perhaps adds a little to the coffers, but you want people who will be willing to join you in the trenches, not simply watch from the sidelines with indifference once a leader has been chosen.
    Those who are truly interested in the well being of a party will have proven it by getting on board early. before someone simply has either coerced them into joining, or as happens many times, they are signed up unbeknownst by overzealous supporters of a certain candidate.

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