08.08.2011 07:42 AM

Say No To Tim Hudak

Site established by women alarmed by Tim Hudak’s anti-women policies. Check it out.


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    Rob H. says:


    I don’t think the “abortion card” fires up the voters like it once did.

    First, when Hudak and Harper say they aren’t going to reopen the discussion on legalization of abortion, people tend to believe them – regardless of the fact that their personal beliefs opposed it. Sorta like good Catholic Jean Chretien – though when he says he won’t impose his personal beliefs on the country, issue closed.

    Beyond that – with people struggling in the current economy, particularly in Ontario where Dalton McGuinty has helped them join the ranks of the “have nots” in Canada, abortion funding isn’t on the forefront of most people’s minds anyway, and certainly, most tax-payers (ie. working Ontario citizens) understand the distinction between “defunding” and “prohibiting”.

    I’m a conservative – and if Harper sought to make abortion illegal, I’d probably vote Liberal (did it with Turner, Chretien and Martin).. but he he “defunded it” – I wouldn’t blink an eye. I don’t think I’m alone.

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    Herta says:

    I’m sure you wouldn’t “blink an eye”…you’re a guy. What do you care if young women have reduced or no access to publicly funded procedures such as an abortion? Frankly, this is the point at which I think women should be standing up and making it clear that defunding is not an option.

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      The Doctor says:

      I think the male vs. female thing is a bit overplayed when it comes to this issue. I’m a guy, and I’m about as pro-choice as it’s possible to be. On the other hand, I used to live near the Morgentaler Clinic on Harbord Street in Toronto, and most of the anti-abortion protestors who were perenially camped out outside were women. There are tons and tons of women with virulently anti-abortion views. So although I’m pro-choice, I do have a problem with this fiction that certain women seem to perpetuate to the effect that all women are pro-choice and all men are either anti-abortion or, alternatively, have no business expressing an opinion on the issue.

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    Herta says:

    You’re right – there are whackos on both sides of the gender spectrum. I respect everyone’s right to choose what is appropriate for them, however, I have very low tolerance for the kind of extremist antics on either side of the fence. Nevertheless, defunding leaves women at the low end of the income spectrum particularly vulnerable. I found Rob H.s comments somewhat cavalier as defunding is only a rung above making it illegal when one thinks of the potential impact on women’s lives.

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      The Doctor says:

      I certainly agree that if you’re firmly pro-choice, as I am and you are, of course you’re going to be opposed to de-funding. And as with any medical procedure, if you pull public funding, it’s going to negatively affect poor people the most.

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    Rob H. says:

    This “Guy” is the moderate in the family.

    My wife is VERY pro-life.. but I disagree with her on that point. I don’t believe that one person’s religious views (and the pro-choice, pro-life debate, in my mind is exactly that) should be foisted on another.

    However – with the growing burden on our health care system, there are several areas of “self-induced” need that perhaps should result in some co-pay situation – including abortion.. we keep forgetting that while the right to control a woman’s body is rightfully her “choice”, so is (in most cases) having sexual intercourse. And to respond to the usual rhetoric, yes, I am completely good with full funding and access for sexual assault and incest victims.

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