08.01.2011 08:08 AM

The Star to Hudak on abortion: we will fight you on this

The story about Hudak signing the petition emerged on a blog by a smart woman who keeps an eye on things. She noticed that Hudak’s stance, or lack of one, was reported on the ARPA website.

I’m sorry I missed it but I thought it was an Association of Retired People. But it was the Association for Reformed Political Action, which the Star reported is a group that “aims to make members of reformed churches more a part of public debate.” Fine. What troubled me is that the group’s executive director, Mark Penninga, didn’t think the mention on his website, while accurate, was newsworthy.

The blogger “had a chip on his/her shoulder,” Penninga said.

And yes, she did. But what he and Hudak and Harper should understand is that abortion is not a “chip” on a woman’s shoulder, it is her body and her life, her internal sanctity and her choice.

I am warning those who want Canadian women to lose their right to abortion that this will not be a skirmish. It lives in the hearts of girls and women. We will fight you on this.


  1. SUZANNE says:

    Bring it on. But Hudak won’t be the guy leading the fight.

  2. Patricia Morfee says:

    Once upon a time, in the 70’s, there was a small town in SW Ontario that had a hospital in which medical abortions were given. In order to obtain an abortion, a woman had to ask her Doctor and he then went before a panel of Doctors to plead her case. Sometimes a psychiatric evaluation was done. She would then receive an abortion or not. Then one day the election of Hospital Board members was due. Word got around that Pro Life Organization was going to put 3 members on the Board. In order to vote, you had to purchase a membership which I believe was $2.00. There were more memberships sold than ever before. Since the Board room at the hospital was too small, the hockey arena had to be rented and a tent put up in the parking lot to handle the surplus. I was there to vote. None of the Pro Life members made it on to the Board. If this hornet’s nest is stirred again, the hornets will come out to swarm.

  3. Iris Mclean says:

    I still don’t understand how or why a devout Catholic politician could/would/should be expected to act against his/her church’s teachings once elected.

    • Jan says:

      Separation of church and state trumps politicians personal religious beliefs- liberal Catholics from the Kennedy’s to the LPC understand this.

      • Phil in London says:

        Coming from a Devout Catholic famiy, I understand why the poltically “devout” Catholic would so turn – HYPOCRISY

        You think a Catholic girl never had an abortion? Unwed sex?

        It’s the perfect religion for Liberals complete with Rose coloured glasses.

        Now for those who don’t consider Sunday morning photo ops as ‘devout’ Catholicism but actually LIVE their faith it’s something different altogether.

        Of course living that life might make you a radical Christian tea party type to the “devout” ones

  4. Dead issue. The politicians are too afraid of the “hornets” to even attempt a change. And that is a very good thing.

  5. Jan says:

    Poor Mr. Penninga, just an innocent in the big bad world of ‘gotcha’ politics…

    ‘He has gotcha, as well as shoot the messenger, blame the media,
    and I’m a victim down pat.’

    http://www.benedictionblogson.com/2011/07/28/association -for-reformed-political-action-not-happy-with-media-attention/

  6. Blar says:

    The right may denigrate the left, but the left engages in empty fear-mongering at a rate that should be alarming.

    Hudak isn’t going to kill abortion. Want proof? Look at the backlash to something he signed how many fricken years ago? If he did do ANYTHING to limit abortion his party would be in the doghouse for the next 15 years.

    “I am warning those who want Canadian women to lose their right to abortion that this will not be a skirmish. It lives in the hearts of girls and women. We will fight you on this.”

    People not thinking about things rationally and responding like this is why good ideas die when they shake the hand of politics.

  7. The Doctor says:

    I see Mallick is now predicting that the Harper Hidden Agenda is going to remain hidden for this entire term in office, and will only come to light during his SECOND majority term in office. This seems to be a shift from the “wait till he gets a majority” warnings we’ve been hearing for many years now. Now we’re apparently supposed to wait for a second majority term, which may or may not occur — and then the really scary stuff will appear. I wonder why it is that Harper now needs two majorities rather than just one in order to implement the evil hidden agenda?

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