08.06.2011 01:32 PM

The Sun: the forgetful Tim Hudak and abortion

Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak forgot and then eventually if grudgingly remembered that he signed an petition not that long ago to revoke government funding of abortion services. Why he signed it is apparently a mystery even to himself, because he says that if elected he certainly wouldn’t do what the petition he signed called on politicians to do, if you can follow that.

Forgetfulness is the only reason I can think of why a politician would sign a petition demanding he do something and then promise to refuse to do it if elected.


  1. RN200 says:

    Like Chretien and crew “forgot” about the Red Book. Surely it’s the only explanation why we still have the GST…

    • Matt says:

      Ok, but we’re talking about 2011 where Tim Hudak can’t give a clear answer about a woman’s right to choose.

      • Attack! says:

        or about the GST — which the federal Conservatives introduced, and, um, have kept (albeit at a lowered rate, which wiped out our ability to pay down the debt) — OR the HST, which is what the LPC proposed to replace it with, in the Red Book, but were blocked from doing by most of the Provinces,

        until, um, the federal Conservatives saw the wisdom of that, and persuaded two of the holdout provinces to do it now,

        but now Hudak and RN are trying to have it both ways, of condemning all these taxes but not having any viable alternative for the governments to meet their obligations and not be plunged into further debt.

  2. Joseph Krengel says:

    RN200, I’m not sure I follow your logic. Your comment can be construed to mean that because Chretien and his team ‘forgot’ about the Red book, that we shouldn’t have voted for them. In that case, for doing something similar you’re arguing that we shouldn’t vote for Hudak.

    Now, if you’re not saying that, you’re just ‘stating the facts’ and it’s not a reason to distance yourself from Hudak, then it also doesn’t matter that Chretien did it, so your statement is entirely meaningless.

    So what are you saying exactly? That you don’t actually have anything to say, or that we shouldn’t support Hudak?

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