08.06.2011 08:58 AM

Tim Hudak closed hospitals and fired nurses


  1. CQ says:

    It takes a “front line protecting” nurse to give out a Tylenol, after weeks of pain, to a blind diabetic female senior – for a broken leg?
    Or (for Toronto – doled out their 2011 raise, after a OPP raise, as the guaranteed best waged in Ontario! – cops) to tackle and kill a mentally disabled man walking to the Walmart ahead of his mother?

    That is what working families don’t need to expect, it is what they have from our current public service champagne coaliations. Life’s just better with government workers. It just is!

  2. Liz J says:

    When did Hudak “close hospitals and fire nurses”? At what time did he have all that power?

  3. RF says:

    @ Liz J, he didn’t have the power to close hospitals and fire nurses, but he voted with Mike Harris and Ernie Eves in the Ontario Legislature to pass bills that closed hospitals and fired nurses.

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