08.16.2011 06:25 AM

Women hate Hudak?

Because he wants to defund abortion? Because he fired thousands of nurses? Because he wants to put prisoners in parks? Because he’s Fratboy Tim?

Whatever the reason, not a few of them hate him.

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  1. Marc L says:

    Great choice you guys in Ontario have…between 4 more years of McGuinty’s lies and incompetence and Hudak the bozo. Unfortunately, things are not looking much better in Quebec. You have to wonder…

  2. Chamberlain Winner of the Most Arrogant Commenter Award (2011) says:

    Oh, please! For many households, the money managers, the on-line bill payers, the ones who know most intimately the household finances, the ones who know if the family is pulling ahead or falling behind are women. That is what matters. Whether there will be more or less money for back to school shopping, etc. The elitism here! Talk about arrogance!

    • scanner says:

      This is almost completely incoherent. Is Chamberlain actually Tim in disguise?

      • Chamberlain Winner of the Most Arrogant Commenter Award (2011) says:

        You found me out. But you haven’t addressed the issue — that the ones who best know how their family’s finances are fairing are often women. They are often the ones lying awake at night trying to figure out how to make everything balance out. The back-to-whatever-era you want to allude to as your strategy is going to have limited impact when families are presented with an alternative that may leave more money in their pockets. After eight years of what they already know who is to say folks will not be willing to ask, “why not — we’ll see what these guys can do for us.”

        If the Liberals lose the election, it will have been by the kind of arrogance I am seeing here.

        (But again, I am being almost completely incoherent again.)

        • Attack! says:

          that’s what I thought you were getting at above:

          that real women are focused on their household economy, not these other silly wedge issues that WK is bringing up.

          So, more fun with numbers (all of these from the 2006 Census), suggesting that may be projecting too much from your own experience, again, and you’re presuming to speak for the majority of a group of women who may not only be able to care about BOTH their household bills AND social issues, but who are themselves in the minority among all the women in the Province:

          – approx. no. of adult women in Ontario, now: well over 5 million (there were 5.15M aged 15+, five years ago, in March ’06)

          – approx. no. of women living alone: over half a million (there were 1.1M One-person HH’s in ON in the ’06 Census)

          – approx. no. households headed by a couple w. NO child under the age of 24 at home (which includes if they’re college students who just come home to live during the summers): 1.3 million; or NO child at home at all: 1.1M.

          – approx. no. of women living in households headed by a couple w. at least one child under the age of 24 at home (where ‘back to school shopping’ may still be a major consideration): 1.4 Million.

          – which = < 28% of all the then 15 (and now 20+). Or am I being "ignorant," again?

          • Chamberlain Winner of the Most Arrogant Commenter Award (2011) says:

            It seems you were one of those students who spent a lot of time hi-lighting their texts but in the end didn’t show a lot of depth/understanding in their analysis. Do hope you are getting some billable hours for all of this, though.

            But here’s a tip: it doesn’t matter what I think. Ontarians can and will think for themselves and together will elect the government that makes the best sense to them. Your hi-lighting is irrelevant.

            From what I’ve heard, women are not appreciating the McGuinty’s ads, now, just as they didn’t appreciate Harper’s ads earlier. Whether or not being tired of them translates into not being swayed by them is the big question.

            (Arrogance! I really do wonder if [imperative][punctuation mark] has any lived experience.)

    • Say all you want about ‘arrogance’ but seems to me the larger number of women that hold McGuinty in higher esteem than Hudak will not like being labeled as such.

      Sort of walked yourself into a corner there.

      Oh, and you throw a lot of derisive labels around but neglect to supply your own. Not much credibility in that. Seems to me you’re a one-trick poney.

      • Chamberlain Winner of the Most Arrogant Commenter Award (2011) says:

        Sorry, no corner. Consider your logic again.

        • So far I see no explanations offered by you to help the voting public you mention above. By all means, please tell us how Mr. Hudak proposes to address the multi billion dollar hole in his plan.

          His non-committal stance on key issues plus lack of fiscal plan explanations all point to one tactic -claim a problem is self-evident, heavily criticize the incumbent and avoid explanation or debate along the way. You’ve opened the door to the discussion about alternatives but present no supporting arguments, all the while dismissing facts offered up in response.

          What a large number of Ontario voters will actually see through this tactic, as an editorial in The Windsor Star this past weekend did. They will conclude the actual burden to balance PC promises with financial reality will eventually fall to them in the form of cuts to services and programs. The very people you call on to make the ‘choice’ will be asked to vote for either a continuation of steady management under McGuinty or a return to the Harris years.

          • JenS says:

            I certainly don’t speak for all women, but as one, I can say that I know his showering-kids-before-7-a.m. and laundry-at-midnight myths are utter baloney. I know when time-of-use kicked in, I know when I do these household chores, and I know the extent (minimal) to which my bill has changed. Add in his stance on abortion, and, well, I’d be nuts to vote Hudak. Beyond that, my kids are school-aged, and I remember only too well the Harris years and their impact on education. In fact, most of the issues I have with education right now (standardized testing, ridiculous levels of fundraising) are products of Harris et al. I would want to take a chance on bringing instability back to Ontario education because why????

            I suspect a fair number of moms feel the same way.

  3. Mattbin says:

    Just trying to remember when Nik Nanos ever characterized the attack ads on Dion or Ignatieff as “character assassination”… nope, it’s not coming to me.

  4. Jim Hayes says:

    Marc speaks of McGuinty incompetance, as do other PC shills yet other than the substance-less PC talking points “where’s de beef?” For a province that has allegedly been run incompetantly we are far better off than most other democratic jurisdictions anywhere.

    • Jacob Li says:

      So its not a problem that we are now a have not province? McGuintys economic incompetence has let Ontario fall behind. Sure we are better then justification that have had incompetent leadership for decades, but with more of McGuinty things will only get worse.

    • Marc L says:

      I am not a PC shill. You’ll notice I also called Hudak a bozo. Some shill! Why is it that people like you automatically assume that if we are not pro-McGuinty, we are necessarily PC supporters?

      • Chamberlain Winner of the Most Arrogant Commenter Award (2011) says:

        Good question. It would seem we’re all PC shills just as the Ottawa NeoCons consider a lot of us Socialist pinkos.

  5. jack says:

    These ads merely relay information people should know that the MSM is not relaying. Had the libs had better ads in the fed election, more would havbe known about Harper as well.

  6. allegra fortissima says:

    Women, know your limits:


  7. Sheila says:

    I hate Tim Hudak and am glad my friends job is to inform people that this man will endorse Nuclear Power and shut down green initiatives. I guess Mr Hudak, doesnt mind radioactive waste with a half life of 100 000 years. Maybe he can store it in his back yard if he likes it so much. Assahola!!!

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