09.27.2011 12:27 PM

Andrea Horwath: deceiver, dissimulator, equivocator, fabricator, falsifier, fabulist, etc.

So, let’s see.

Andrea Horwath gets asked about the $100,425 of taxpayer money that went to the NDP’s corporate entity – the Ontario Cornerstone Leadership Corporation.

Here’s what she says to the Sun this morning: “It has nothing to do with me…the corporation is a separate entity…It’s an independent organization…”

That so?  Really?

Here’s a quote that may jog Andrea’s memory.

“Welcome to the Cornerstone Campaign – a new initiative to purchase a permanent Ontario NDP headquarters, fund our pre-election activities and finance the 2007 election.”

Speaker?  That would be Howard Hampton, Horwath’s predecessor as leader of the selfsame Ontario NDP.

Not enough?  How about this: all eight members of the Ontario Cornerstone Leadership Corporation board of directors are super-duper close BFFs of Andrea Horwath.  All of them.

Still not enough? Here’s a snap taken by someone at the international ploughing match last week.  On the right, a smiling Andrea Horwath.  In the middle, two guys I don’t particularly care about at the moment.

And on the left?  That would be Sandra Clifford, the Ontario NDP’s president.  And, also, president of Cornerstone.

Far left (as it were): Sandra Clifford, Cornerstone prez. Far right: Andrea Horwath.  They totally don’t know each other.


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    sharonapple88 says:

    I’m not sure how much traction you’ll get on this. There are some NDP supporters who’re concerned about the Cornerstone project.

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    Doug says:

    Hamption isn’t Horwath and Horwath is allowed to have friends. The important thing is keeping Tim Hudak out of office one more time, so the Conservatives can get someone less foible-prone.
    Hudak is basically Harper Jr. When Harper got elected he got to work working against women (cancelling women’s orgs in government) and pushing religion down our throats. How about MY freedom to be free of the Office of Religious Freedoms? Lib/Dipper is the on;y way to keep my secular Ontario alive and well, so that is where my vote will go!

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