09.21.2011 07:39 AM

Andrea Horwath’s NDP: defending Nazi remarks on the front pages

Here’s just a sampling of what can be seen in Ontario papers this morning.  And the papers don’t even address (yet) the doctored transcript Horwath issued to defend her friend Anthony Marco.

Why is she defending Marco?  Cheri di Novo might know: Andrea Horwath apparently thinks Israel practices “apartheid.”


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    Jim Hayes says:

    OK so I have now read Marco’s PODcast three times and I simply am stunned. Here is an NDP candidate who, context and all, is condoning Nazism.

    Now in the blogosphere we see some interesting conflation. Most bizarre though are the usual rightwing blogger knuckledraggers piling it on DEFENDING a left-wing kook for condoning Nazism. Of course this has as much to do with the fact that Bernie Farber a well- respected human rights activist and former CEO of the Jewish Congress is rightfully taking Marco to task demanding he step down, if for nothing else his outright ignorance and insult to faiths, Jews, and other victims of Nazism including Canadian Armed Forces who fought Hitler. And yes Farber is a Liberal but he is still the voice of authority and reason when it comes to reminding the world about the evil of Nazi ideology.

    More to the point, Howarth defending the condoning of Nazi ideology makes her a Marco fellow-traveller in my books. Given Jack Layotn’s legacy this action by Howarth is sick.

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    G. Babbitt says:

    Nicely played. So there is equivalency between those who suggest Israel is similar to an apartheid state and Nazism.

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