09.28.2011 07:09 AM

At the McGuinty rally in Vaughan, right now


  1. Damien Walsh says:

    Lots af handsome guys in gold and black shirts! I bet they have a very cool RV outside.

  2. allegra fortissima says:

    “FORWARD” – LOL. The Liberals didn’t borrow this slogan from the German Social Democrats (Vorwaerts), did they? The newspaper used to publish articles by Engels, Trotsky, Lenin et al, but that was a loooong time ago. Today it’s more “bourgeois”…

  3. Jim Hayes says:

    I went because I got a call from my candidate’s office and figured what the heck! WOW, you guys know what you’re doing; best political rally I atteneded in years and my candidate even got a shout-out from Sorbara….

  4. Nelson says:

    I was looking for you, Warren! Was looking forward to taking a snap with you there.

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