09.17.2011 10:02 AM

Belleville Intelligencer: Tea Party Tim campaign “idiotic,” “circus,” a “weak, flea-bitten glue pile”

…and that’s just the nice stuff he says!

Where is Hudak campaign going?
The Belleville Intelligencer
Sat Sep 17  2011
Page: A7
Section: Editorial/Opinion
Column: Sand In The Shorts

As we pass the one week mark of the provincial election, I’m taking a moment to say I’m sorry to be proven right (so far). Tim Hudak’s Liberal-Lite campaign has resulted in the Liberals erasing a
10-point PC lead in the last month.

Why? Because Hudak has given Ontarians no reason whatsoever to vote Progressive Conservative rather than Liberal.

Locally, the PCs have a strong candidate in Todd Smith, although he is up against Leona Dombrowsky, a skilled campaigner and someone who has a strong base in Belleville.

But he is being wasted as the PC deep thinkers allow themselves to be distracted by the insignificant story of the week. Add to that the “foreign workers” idiocy of week one, and the question has to be asked — who’s running this circus?

This is still a winnable election, and as the old saw goes, “There’s only one poll that counts”.

But for Oct. 6 to be a good day for the PCs, and for the province as a whole, there has to be a change in how the Hudak campaign is run.

“A horse. A horse, my kingdom for a horse…”

The weak, flea-bitten glue piles that Hudak has tried to ride to victory thus far now need to be put down for good…Tim Hudak and his great minds in Toronto need to get ahead of the game…

James Phieffer ran for city council in the last election. Read his blogs at www.jamesphieffer.comor thewobblypuck.ca or follow him at www.twitter.com/jamesphieffer


  1. Just thought I’d point out that the entire (unedited by either the Intelligencer or Mr Kinsella) column can be found at: http://www.jamesphieffer.com/2011/09/sand-in-shorts-horse-horse-my-kingdom.html (or http://bit.ly/p0Dj1A for less typing). The Intelligencer has yet to update it’s website with the Saturday columns.

    Also, I was less than complimentary towards the Liberals and the “Scarlet-clad Tooth Fairy” aka Leona Dombrowsky.

    But thanks for noticing, Warren.

    James Phieffer

  2. Any chance you can add me to your blogroll?

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