09.14.2011 12:12 PM

Can someone tell me what this means?

Jason is Tim Hudak’s legislative director, and one of his main spokespeople.  Can anyone tell me what he is saying/implying about Jim, who has been one of my best friends for 30 years?


  1. Ted says:

    An oblique claim that he’s a switch hitter?

  2. Attack! says:

    lobbying to bring the Double A Blue Jays baseball team to Ottawa, presumably

  3. Jules Aime says:

    My guess: It’s a shot across Watson’s bow to keep him out of some local race (probably Chiarelli versus Denley). He’s letting Watson know that he has something he thinks will harm Watson. He’s trying to say this in a way that is clear enough that Watson will understand what he is talking about but no one else will be able to figure it out.

  4. Josh says:

    I think it may have something to do with Ottawa lobbying for a Jays minor league franchise. Not too sure why anyone would fault Jim for this, I doubt he is too involved on it to be honest. Hope it is not a subliminal attack on Jim, he is very well respected and admired.

  5. Michael S says:

    Jason is playing with fire. He’s trying to get a better tenant for Ottawa’s Triple A stadium, an empty white-elephant boondoggle brought about by Randall’s Tory buddy Jim Durrell. It shouldn’t have been built, but since it’s there he’s trying to get value for the dollar.

  6. Michael S says:

    Again: Jimbo’s trying to plug a leak created by a conservative.

  7. Transplanted Doerite says:

    Warren, I have a great Jim Watson story for you.

    I was in Ottawa recently seeing the young one off to University and we went to see an art gallery at City Hall. Never having been there before, we were just wandering around looking at the art (all City Hall’s should have an art bank like Ottawa does), and ended up at the doors to his office, which required an access pass.

    So I’m pulling/pushing on the glass doors when Watson shows up behind me saying: “hey, lemme get that, I can let you in. Want a tour? Art? I’ve got some A.Y. Jackson’s in my office, come have a look.” Meanwhile, his erstwhile staffer is anxiously looking at his watch trying to get him to another event. Jim just ignored him, gave us the tour, we talked politics a bit, asked about my daughter’s school plans etc, while his staffer paced. It was hilarious. And genuine.

    There’s a politician for you. Doesn’t alienate potential voters, but attracts them. Even ones that don’t even live in his town. ON Tories could learn a thing from him apparently. He’s a Liberal I presume?

    • Michael S says:

      That’s Jim in a nutshell.

    • johnny was says:

      I had friends in the Glebe back as a Carleton undergrad in the ’90s who said it was not uncommon for him to stop by a house party in his neighbourhood, have a beer, and mingle with the students for a bit. Jim Watson definitely has the HOAG factor.

  8. JStanton says:

    …who the hell knows what he means. Trying to navigate the dark recesses of a Tory zealot is not something one should choose to do. But he’s right about Mr. Watson’s “objectivity”…although, exactly what that means is, um… subjective.
    Mr. Watson marches to the sound of his own drummer, and only he hears the tune. This often upsets his friends and further annoys his enemies.

    For example, support for Mr. Watson has cooled in what was once his strongest bastion – Ottawa Centre – due to his genuflecting to some of Canada’s wealthiest people, by helping them turn one of the City’s prime pieces of publically owned real estate, within a residential neighborhood and next to the Rideau canal, into a massive shopping mall and commercial centre. This, despite the objections of constituents, the huge irregularities in governance to date, and the spectacle of Ottawa taxpayers subsidizing the project and it’s fat cats to the tune of 400 million dollars as well as shouldering all of the risk. And of course, the irrevocable loss of prime public space to tract housing, big box stores, office buildings and high-rise condos.

    Just why Mr. Watson has taken this tack confuses people. His supporters, who thought he shared their fundamental beliefs and are now dismayed, and his detractors, who thought he eschewed their fundamental beliefs and are now delighted. Is he simply trading in one constituency for another? Nobody knows. What is certain however, is that he needs to be careful lest the “Anyone but Jim” Campaign, forged through an alliance of those he has disappointed, and those he has failed to sway, picks up steam.

    But with Mr. Watson, you never know!


  9. Andrew says:

    I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life (42 years old) and have never been more proud of our mayor. He is a genuine people person and has done an amazing job of bringing a dysfunctional council together.

    He is respected by voters, staff and has a excellent track recod of public service.

    It is typical of the Tories to try and participate in some kind of drive by smear of Jim.

    Watson compared to that bufoon in Toronto is such a breath of fresh air and intelligence! We are lucky to have him serve our community with dignity and class.

    He just finished hosting a fundraiser for East Africa famine relief and raised $70,000 at city hall tonight. Where is Rob Ford on that issue or any progressive one?

  10. patrick deberg says:

    Rob Ford doesn’t do issues.
    He does southern barbecues and pulled pork sandwiches.

  11. James Curran says:

    I was quite prepared to back Jim for leader had that come about.

  12. Sandra B. says:

    Thank God we have Jim as our mayor, compared to that yahoo Rob Ford.
    Jim is progressive and thoughtful, compared to that good ol boy Ford and his seperated at birth brother.

    As for the comment by JStanton –
    I live in the Glebe and I and every one of my neighbours voted for Jim and would do so again. He was an excellent city councillor, and an even better mayor.

    I suspect the comments are some sexual innuendo brought on by a frustrated Tory supporter who supported our version of Rob Ford, Larry O’Brien – who was such a fool and a bad dream for all citizens of Ottawa

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