09.03.2011 08:28 AM

From that profile of Tea Bag Tim in the Globe

His campaign has hit a couple of bumps. The candidate for the riding of Pickering-Scarborough East, Salmon Farooq, quietly withdrew his candidacy last March, just days before he was charged with fraud. The Tories parachuted in Kevin Gaudet, a high-profile advocate for lower taxes, to replace Mr. Farooq.

The party also faced criticism over the ouster of Tory MPP Norm Sterling, who served in the legislature for 34 years. In a speech at a dinner for Mr. Sterling last Thursday, former Tory premier Ernie Evessaid the party’s treatment of the veteran MPP was not fair or compassionate.

“People were startled,” said one person who was at the dinner. Most of the more than 200 people in attendance applauded, he said. Mr. Eves was referring to the fact that Mr. Sterling lost a nasty nomination battle last March against Jack MacLaren, a local activist with the Ontario Landowners Association. Mr. Hudak acknowledged that having a “contest within the family” is difficult.


  1. Pedro says:

    You know it’s the “Tea Party” not tea baggers.
    From an event that pre-dated the American Revolution, not any reference to a certain erotic exercise.
    If you honestly know the true beginnings of the Tea Party movement it was a veritable moment in liberalism, then and now.
    A good number of free-thinking Canadians believe that there is excessive taxation.
    They are not evil no matter what you may to describe them as.
    If you wish a civil discussion on whether citizens should pay a higher portion of their income to subsidize others’ idea of government spending, then try to treat those citizens with a bit more civility than you have over the past few months.
    I’m no supporter of Hudak but your man McGuinty shows no manner of rationality in any analysis of his revenue spending versus collection in those taxpayers who have spent years matching their revenue with spending needs.

  2. allegra fortissima says:

    The “Palin Plan” live as seen on SUN NEWS Prime Time (sans Warren, naturellement):


    Can stale tea leaves make something smell better?

  3. The Doctor says:

    I notice that WK didn’t provide the link to the full article in the Globe from which that quote is taken. Overall, the Globe article paints Hudak in a fairly favourable light — certainly not the relentless negative attack we see on this website. I found it interesting to read the Globe article, because other than that, all my knowledge of Hudak basically comes from what I’ve read on this website. So where does the truth lie . . .

    • Tyrone says:

      Oh, I’m sure that was a tiny oversight – by all means, keep getting all of your election info from Warren’s site. And, uh, make sure not to click on any other links if you’re reading one of his Sun article!

  4. Thomas Jefferson says:

    Don’t reverse the onus. The most important question is show me how tax CUTS have helped employment. They haven’t.


    Tax cuts don’t do shit. But if you asked Conservatives, they’d tell you that tax cuts cure cancer. (Stop taxing disease fighters!)

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