09.20.2011 10:10 AM

Harper-Hudak “hat trick” video: it’s still being taken down on YouTube

….but you can get it here!

August 2, 2011: Stephen Harper calls for a “hat trick” – for Conservatives to run the country, the GTA and Ontario. Almost every day since: Conservative operatives scramble to suppress any record of Harper’s statement.

Download this video, and share it with others before voting day on October 6!  You can download the file here.

[hana-flv-player video=’/wp-content/uploads/hattrick/HarperHudakFordHatTrickBBQ.flv’ /]


Download also found here.



  1. Rick Jones says:

    A Conservative MP endorsed a Conservative. And the big deal is what, exactly?

    I mean, if this is the worst thing that can be hanged on Tim Hudak – or Stephen Harper – they must be freakin’ saints. You’d think Hudak hadn’t recently referred to some Canadians as “Foreigners” if non-issues like this are what matters to people.

    • nic coivert says:

      Again, ask the PMO, they’re the ones trying to scrub it out.

      • The Doctor says:

        Seems to me that you’re assuming everything the PMO does is rational, wise, etc. I don’t share that assumption. Sometimes the PMO does stupid and/or ridiculous and/or utterly unnecessary stuff.

  2. nic coivert says:

    I don’t assume that at all.

    But the PMO speaks for the PM, so we agree that Harper does stupid, ridiculous and unnecessary stuff.

    • jonnyt says:

      Stupid question, but are you saying that only Harper does this? Any PM in history has done stupid things and it’s a trivial effort to list some off for Liberal PMs. Sponsorgate? Shawinigate? The vanishing BILLION HRC dollars? These are all from the last 20 years. So, let’s try and confine ourselves to differences that matter rather than this I’m-infallible-and-you’re-not BS.

  3. Have they really sued to get his video down? Because that would be interesting.

  4. David Fox says:

    Fact that the PMO and others are trying to get this taken down EVERYWHERE is a sign they don’t like the messaging in it, or the suggestion of such coordinated neo-con action on the political scene.

    Why sue to take it down every day if this is just an innocent endorsement?

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