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August 2, 2011: Stephen Harper calls for a “hat trick” – for Conservatives to run the country, the GTA and Ontario. Almost every day since: Conservative operatives scramble to suppress any record of Harper’s statement.

Download this video, and share it with others before voting day on October 6!  You can download the file here.

[hana-flv-player video=’/wp-content/uploads/hattrick/HarperHudakFordHatTrickBBQ.flv’ /]


Download also found here.


  1. smelter rat says:


  2. Jackson says:

    I don`t get it.
    What is so scandalous about the PM saying at a rally that it is time for Ontario to complete the hat trick and clean up the mess left by the Liberals in Ontario by electing the PC`s here ?
    It`s called partisan politics—frequently found at political rallies.
    Jean Chretien used to practice it.

    • smelter rat says:

      You should ask Mr. Harper that question. It was the PMO that tried to supress the video.

      • Mark McLaughlin says:

        I can’t speak to whether or not the PMO tried to supress the video or not, but what I can say is that it’s a common marketing stretegy to CLAIM that someone is trying to hide something from you. Makes you want to see what the big deal is.

        “Banned in 12 countries”
        “The movie the government DOESN’T . . WANT . . YOU . . . TO . . SEE”

        Even the music in this video is pretty cliché.

        I’m with Jackson. Even without the video most people would believe that Harper said it and expect that Harper would say it and wouldn’t care. Hardly a shocker. Most people think all the Liberal and Conservative parties are affiliated anyway.

    • Rowan says:

      If these comments are so innocent, why has the “Party” been so vigilant in getting them erased and suppressed?

      • The Doctor says:

        But flip that comment onto its other side — what’s NOT so innocent about what’s in this video? That’s what I don’t get. They’re not discussing molesting children. It’s members of a partisan political movement — and a legal, mainstream one at that — discussing the fact that they’d like to . . . get ready for the shock . . . win elections that they run in. What is so shocking about this? It sure as hell didn’t surprise me.

  3. Gretschfan says:

    Here’s YouTube’s non-flash version of that video for those accessing via iPad.


  4. Just blogged it and mirrored the video at YouTube.

  5. repost from Emily Dee: Hudak is a Mike Harris lapdog. He was involved in trying to privatize Ontario’s healthcare when he worked for then Health Minister Elizabeth Witmer

    repost from Ken LePage – re Tim Hudak is Mike Harris Number Two: How quickly Ontarians have forgotten that “Spendin’ Jim” Flaherty was also Harris’s lapdog, and from what I recall, he pretty much did the same thing to Ontario’s finances as he did to Canada’s i.e. racked up enormous debt.


    Hudak = “HARRIS PART II”

    Hudak? Who dat?

  6. Colleen Gallucci says:

    Rob Ford and PM Harper come across as very low class and silly in this clip. I would like to think that the PM has a better vocabulary but I think not as he must have known this was on camera. As a proud Canadian I find this embarrassing.

  7. John says:

    Hooray!!! It is about time that Harper stated publically what everyone outside of Ontario is thinking. The NDP under Bob Rae took Canada’s richest province and with the Federal Liberal Party’s help turned it into an economic wasteland. Dalton Magoo took up where Rae left off and drove the final few nails in Ontario’s financial coffin.

  8. Jeff McMaster says:

    Are you kidding? You’re up in arms that 2 vocally conservative politicians want another conservative to win office. I would be worried if they didn’t share that view. In fact, if you’re pro NDP, Liberal, Green or Libertarian you want as many candidates of similar political views to win as possible regardless of their riding (municipal, provincial, or federal). What exactly would expect Harper to say … we hope a different party wins the the provincial race? If people want to vote for a conservative in Ontario they will. If they don’t, they won’t. The fact that you seem outraged Stephen Harper is pulling for a conservative candidate highlights the political bias of your blog. Just call it out, that if you held a barbecue you’d happily vocalize a change in national leadership.

    • Finn says:

      I’m not a conservative supporter and I actually agree with your first sentence.

      That said, why would the PMO want the video taken down if it’s simply them wanting another conservative politician to win?

      • Jeff McMaster says:

        It’s only conjecture that the PMO wants the video down. Their official line has been that it was taken down by the video owner. Which may or may not be true. Who knows? But the fact that this was a trending topic on Yahoo further confirms my lack of faith in Canadian’s ability to form their own opinion. As a society we’ve moved to a world where the vocal minority dictate to the silent majority.

        • Finn says:

          As a society we’ve moved to a world where the vocal minority dictate to the silent majority.

          I’m pretty sure it’s always been that way.

  9. TDG says:

    You forgot to include the wonderfull Mike Harris government that came after the NDP and destroyed Education and Health Care and Public Services in this Province. While Bob Rae was an idiot, The liberals have done better than the 2 elected governments before them.

  10. john willow says:

    Harper knows that people expect that as the leader of the country he should have better things to do than to stick his nose into provincial or municipal elections that have nothing to do with federal issues. If Harper started making specific statements about what provincial or municipal policy should be, you would see how ridiculous it is for him to involve himself in issues that he cannot properly address. Even his generalized statements about the “NDP mess” are inapppropiate anf he knows it. This is why he wants the video suppressed.

  11. redcomm says:


    I doubt anyone tried to supress this video. It’s just true, it _is_ time to clean up the mess left by the retarded liberals.

    I suspect someone will supress this comment on this silly lefty page tho! LMFAO

  12. The copy of this that I uploaded to my YouTube channel (click my name) has over 25,000 views already. Over 300 comments too, where it’s been suggested that Harper likely didn’t want it known he was saying this stuff as Layton lay dying or dead.

    He lacks empathy and the ability to feel guilt, like any good little sociopath, but he knows it wouldn’t go over well among those who are normal and who have actual emotions.

    If the left would just please merge into one big Liberal party, Harper’s minority right would disappear so fast, there’d be a sonic boom. The NDP and flakey Greens just dilute the left vote. Pisses me off, since we’re stuck with Harper because of that.

  13. Harper had someone (MsVaryatka) flag the vid. I will see that it gets Streisanded all over youtube. Additionally, I have appealed. They will have my real name, but if they still go through with it after hearing I appealed, then I will have their name and address. I intend to let EVERYONE know who flagged it (real name etc.).

    Meanwhile though, it got around real good! Over 26,000 views. 🙂

  14. graham watt says:

    I think Lisi is in the Harper section of this video

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