09.29.2011 03:42 PM

Horwath’s NDP: time to come clean on Cornerstone


  1. Steven says:

    Other than a front page feature in the Toronto Sun last week, this story seems to not have had any other airing by the other major TV or print media.

    Looks like Horvath and the NDP are getting another “free pass” by the media on uncomfortable truths, smears and major flaws in their platform, just like the federal NDP got in the last federal election.

    When will they ever point out that the NDP’s s–it does, in fact, smell?

    • Tyrone says:

      The NDP plays fast and loose with the facts, and that hasn’t changed under Horwath. They say one thing in Northern Ontario, and another thing in the South (on Caribou, Mining, Coal, etc), they make up stories, and they know that they won’t get called on it, because nobody actually expects them to govern. What’s interesting is that the media is currently enamoured with this “Triumphant” Horwath with “the most to gain” post-debate story, and also the “she could be king-maker in a minority” story, but they’re not willing to subject her, her platform, or her claims to the kind of scrutiny that they would have to if she were ten points higher in the polls. I doubt that will change in the next week – they’re having too much fun cheering for the underdog.

  2. Susan says:

    This isn’t going anywhere unless it can be explained so that the Frontporches can see it for what it is….an organization receiving public funds that helped finance the NDP campaign perchance?

  3. LMAO, shared. Seems there is a lot of unions involved too, for millions. Members must be paying huge union dues, do they know how they are spent?

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