09.14.2011 06:30 AM

Hudak Tea Party in third place in Toronto

Somewhere, Benedict Baldy is pausing to reflect, this morning.

What’s it all mean, Virginia? It means he’s in trouble. In urban centres – Toronto, obviously, but also Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Windsor and so on – his anti-“foreigner” nativism has hurt him, big time. He’s moved off of that, and now he’s going to start targeting Horwath. She’s in his rear view mirror, and closer than he’d like.


  1. Brad says:

    He hasn’t moved off it, I heard a radio commerical this morning about foreign workers.

  2. Harith says:

    So does that mean we’ll see Rocco Rossi, MPP candidate for the NDP next?

  3. Michael S says:

    The scurrying of PCPO votes will be needed to save Ottawa Centre for the LPO as the NDP has a strong candidate and an impressive GOTV.

    However he’s really having a tough time ‘xplaining away Andrea’s sooty stance as it goes down like Rob Ford without a parachute here in the land of urban cyclist and mass transit commuters.

    The irony is that the best attack Timmy has is on Andrea’s anti-green credentials.

  4. nic coivert says:

    Keep it up, the PC tent is folding.

    It would seem the PC’s misjudged the public’s appetite for the right. After both Harper and Ford were trumpeted to victory they figured they could pull off the sheeps wool and show some fangs. Oops, better get back into costume fellows, Ontario aint the southern States by a country mile.

  5. Jelena says:

    Warren, good job so far. I heard that Hudak is moving away from the “foreign worker” thing and focusing
    on the HST and eHealth stuff next. While I am pleased to see the very positive ads from the Ontario Liberal
    Party highlighting the good things it has done in the fields of job creation, economic growth, healthcare and education; I do think you guys need to run some attack ads on Hudak too. For example, you should not let him get away with these racist and anti-immigrant “foreign worker” comments. The Ontario Liberals should run ads exposing Hudak’s relationship with the Ontario Land Owner’s Association for starters. Also, you guys needs ads which remind voters that Hudak’s leadership bid for the Ontario PC Party was endorsed by
    Mike Harris and a quick reminder of the damage he did to Ontario would be a good idea.

  6. MC says:

    About that “foreign worker thing”, this ad was on the Ottawa Citizen’s website this morning:


  7. W.B. says:

    I think this campaign mirrors the Federal campaign with McGuinty replacing Harper.
    The Liberals can really turn the the whole Hudak Conservative strategy 180 degrees. Do you want CHANGE right NOW, or would it be better to leave an experienced seasoned leader in charge as the world perches on the edge of a new recession or even a depression.
    Change is the exact, precise thing we DON’T want; change is what we fear.
    Are you guys heading in that direction Warren?
    McGuinty says “is this the time to make a 180 degree change in direction in Ontario?”

  8. DL says:

    Meanwhile there are AT LEAST two Ontario Liberal candidates who are backed by Rob Ford and his acolytes. Christina Martins the Liberal in davenport is trotting out an endorsement by extreme rightwing Ford executive committee member Cesar Palacio and in Scarborough Southwest Liberal incumbent Lorenzo Berardinetti is backed by his wife who is a puppet on Ford’s executive committee who votes Ford’s way not just 99% of the time but ONE HUNDRED percent of the time.

    If people want to send a message to Ford DO NOT VOTE for pro-Ford Liberals like Martins and Berardinetti. In fact, if i were a Liberal I would be embarrassed and angry that there are city councillors who trade on the Liberal brand to get elected and then support Rod Ford 100% of the time. Shelley Carroll – who is one Liberal I very much like and respect – has already been very courageous in denouncing those people – but we need more.

    So what do you say Liberals? What are you planning to do about Liberal candidates who support Ford???

    • Warren says:

      You’re ridiculous.

    • Dan says:

      It’s okay. Davenport is an NDP stronghold.

      Scarborough Southwest is a three way race though.

      There are unfortunately a lot of right-wing Liberals, who aren’t full on nutters like Teabag Tim, but definitely want to follow America off a cliff instead of emulating some of the more successful models in Europe.

  9. DL says:

    Warren, what’s ridiculous is that there are people who claim to be “Liberals” who are 100% supportive of everything Rob Ford is doing. What steps will you take to drum these “Rocco Rossi Liberals” out of the party and make it clear that if you are a Ford acolyte you cannot be considered a Liberal??? If you think there is no inconsistency at all between being Liberal and an outspoken supporter of Rob Ford – then maybe that’s points to the identity crisis in the liberal Party.

    • Attack! says:

      One might similarly ask, “What steps will the NDP take to stop its supporters from perpetrating Transitive Property Fallacies to condemn Liberals?”

      Even if / just because a Lib. candidate gets an ENDORSEMENT from a Fordie, or may even be MARRIED to one, doesn’t mean that he or she is one, too!

      After all, the McGuinty Libs are pretty close to being endorsed by a bunch of PC ex-Premiers: will that make McGuinty the next PC Premier?

      Dem. Warroomer James Carville is married to Republican political consultant Mary Matalin.

      Rep. Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger is married to Dem. princess Maria Shriver (ok, bad example…)

  10. steve says:

    I hope Ford brings Ford nation to the rescue.

  11. Attack! says:

    Speaking of polls, tho’ I really, really wish this had come from someone else, one of the most well known pollsters from one of the most reputable firms (before he got there, that is) had some choice words to say about a certain Acrapus poll that came out recently (altho’ not in those precise words, of course, since he turns it back on his rival Graves, instead):

    “A moratorium should be placed on all ‘new’ polling techniques until the pollster has tested them in parallel with more traditional polling methods with a record of success”


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